Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Thoughts Over Coffee

TGIF!!! I haven't posted in so long that I'm now overwhelmed by the thoughts flying through my head. I need to post my "Friday Favorites" but will do that later. (lucky you, haha) I thought I would just comment on many of the things (most of them soooo simple) that I've been thinking about lately. Okay, here goes...

Having company is great but sometimes it's really good to get your house back. I've learned something about myself...I am not a morning person. Not that I can't wake up because I usually get up with my husband at 6 a.m. What I mean is when I wake up, I turn on the coffee maker, take my dogs out, get the paper, have my coffee, read the paper or get on the computer, sometimes turn on the tv...all in the early morning quiet of my home. I DO NOT feel the need to chat at this time. If my girls wake up early, they know this is *my* time. The one time my husband stayed home until 8:30 for a dr.'s appt. before going to work, he drove me CRAZY!!!!! Asking me questions, planning for the weekend...whatever. I do that AFTER 8 a.m, okay? (I told you this was random:-)

Speaking of coffee, my all-time favorite is manufactured right here in Naples, Fl. It's called Manatee Gourmet Coffee and it is so smooth tasting. My Favorite is the tropical blend which has just the tiniest hint of coconut, caramel and hazelnut flavor added to it. company is partially owned by Mina Hemingway who lives here and has a quaint bookstore, appropriate for the grand-daughter of Ernest Hemingway:-) Anyway, this coffee is by mail-order or you can buy it at Costco. Everyone I have ever told about this loves it...including my husband who doesn't care for flavored coffee. Top it off with my favorite Coconut Cream and voila...your very own Starbucks:-) Best of all, a portion of the proceeds goes toward helping those gentle giants, the manatee.

What else...I had part 2 of my root canal yesterday and my tooth hurts to put pressure on it. How can this be if the nerve is now dead? By the way, other than this little glitch and the cost, of course, I would rather a root canal than get my teeth cleaned. I went to an endodontist and both parts of the root canal took about 20 minutes. Then again, it hurts, so... But I am crazy about this guy and wish he could do all of my dental work...I think:-) I hate getting my teeth cleaned. I always get the hygienist who picks mercilessly and gets something caught on a filling that they practically try to pull's not food in there, you know. It's a filling already! And then that yucky tasting stuff they grind onto your teeth in the name of cleaning. Gross! Please, give me a root canal. At least I am so numb I can't feel a thing:-) P.S. Check out these adorable tooth fairy pillows by (hint,hint Kathy:-)

My Taylor got selected to dance the lead in Peter and the Wolf for her Spring recital. She is one of those shy ones who comes to life onstage and then look out! She is playing Peter for one night and the other night is his friend, the cat. She spent last night watching the broadway show "CATS" trying to "prepare" for the role. (By the way, CATS is awesome if you have never seen it!) Anyway, I am so excited for her.

I met a new "online" buddy who has an awesome blog and is a gifted writer. She has the funniest take on everyday things, like sitting in the carpool lane. I borrowed these cute pics from her site (she said I could:-) Anyway, check it out at

Oh, I almost forgot...March is National Craft Month...yay!!! That means I am going to feature all kinds of different crafts and other projects on my blog. I have some ideas and am looking for many more. I wrote in my mom crafters blog asking for friends to submit ideas, photos... and I would love anyone who reads this to send me their projects. It doesn't matter what...simple, challenging, old or new (remember, what is old to you may be new to a new crafty diva) so send ideas. Kids crafts too...I have a few teacher friends who read this and I know they would love ideas as well as everyone else. I will be happy to promote your work on my blog.
Okey-dokey...I could go on and on but I'm sure I've lost everyone about 3 paragraphs ago so I guess that's it for now. Check back later for some Friday favorites!!!


  1. Goodness, what to comment on first!??

    I love the tooth fair pillows, that's for sure!

    And I agree about having company. I love being a hostess, but it is great to breath a huge sigh of relief when the house is all your again too. :)

  2. I love the retro pics..that coffee sounds delicious.. March is craft month good idea!!


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