Friday, February 27, 2009

Puppy Photo Contest...Please help!

Happy Friday!!!
I am entering photos of my puppies in a contest to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. For each vote they receive, a dollar is donated to CMN, so it could really add up. I can enter one of each, with a caption. If anyone has time, we are stuck on which photos and could use some help. (Or should I say, we can't agree!!!:-) The little dog is named Freddy and the bigger dog is named Maui. (Maui is in a car with a surfboard in both of his photos, if that helps) Please help me choose one pose of each and if you think of a good caption, that would be great too. You can email me or leave a comment...whichever is easiest. I will number each photo. Thanks!
P.S. Check back later today as I am posting my first ever give-away.
Hint...think Flip-Flops and Summer:-)

1. Freddy

2. Freddy in his Miami Dolphins Football Jersey

3. Maui with the Surfboard, in a convertible

4. Maui again


  1. I totally think that first pic of Freddie says, "Who took the remote?" All of the pics are so cute, I see why you are having such a hard time deciding.

    The close up of Mauii is great, but I think it's hard to tell that the surfboard is in the background, but that could just be my midwestern ignorance.

  2. I love picture 3 and 4. :) They are just adorable!

  3. I love your blog! I just gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award, come on over to my blog to pick it up!:)


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