Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank you, Thank you...and my first GIVEAWAY!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed me about the puppy contest. I submitted the two photos and hope the hospital gets a ton of entries to raise as much money for CMN as possible!

I know I mentioned a giveaway for Friday and I apologize for not getting it posted. I managed to get a migraine that had me flat on my back Friday night and all day Saturday. Not fun!!! Anyway, today is better...much better. It ended up too cool this afternoon to go to the beach this so we watched "The Secret Life of Bees". I love Queen Latifa!!! The movie was wonderful...I highly recommend it!!!

Okay, I love when I come across a giveaway on some of my favorite blogs so it's my turn. I am a HUGE fan of flip-flops...especially unique/cute/glitzy ones:-) Spring is on the way for those of you up north (in south Florida, we are in our beautiful "spring" and heading quickly to the heat of summer...and I do mean heat!!!:-) I thought I would kick things off with a pair of handmade swarovski crystal flower-designed flip-flops. These can be in your choice of pink or black, made especially for the winner. I'm sorry the photo doesn't show them very well...they are much prettier in person and the perfect shade of "Lilly" pink. Also in the gift package is a set of lemon-scented, soapy flip-flop bath sponges, a palm-tree pendant necklace and a white chocolate sand dollar.
All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite childhood spring or summer memory. I'll go first...going to Florida for Easter vacation and my first bike-ride of the year (since winter). I also loved shopping for a new bathing suit for Florida but those days are LONG GONE!!! LOL Playing outside with my friends until "the streetlights" came on was great, too. I will give each comment one entry. If you leave me a comment saying you linked back to my giveaway, I will add an additional 2 entries in your name. The contest will end on March 7. I will notify the winner and get the shoe size to begin creating your flip-flops. Good Luck!


  1. As much as I hate to admit it because it sure did hurt one of my favorite summe rmemories was spending the summer at my grannies. My grandpa had a garden that was huge and when I say HUGE I mean HUGE!!! We were always shelling butterbeans or peas or shelling corn or doing something. Well Granny wouldnt let us go swimming unless we were done, so we pitched a fit and fought with her one day because she wouldnt let us go swimming. Well she locked us outside and told us to behave and a little bit later came back and asked us to get her a drink because her drink fridge was outside on the side Well we got it, but we also shook it up and when she opened it, it spewed all over her. She was mad at first and then she laughed up a storm, but we swore up and down we didnt do it. I regret it now because I miss my granny who has been dead for 8 years, but it is a good memory. It makes you rethink

  2. My favorite childhood memory is going to Ocean City so often as a child! I haven't been in there in I guess around 10 yrs now. I used to go there with my Mom and meet up with my Aunt, Uncle and my Cousins! It was a lot of fun!

  3. My favorite summer memory is the summer that I had my first real crush. My best friend and I were infatuated (okay, obsessed) with our bishop's son. Every summer the bishop would open his pool to the neighborhood and anyone could go swimming in it. My best friend and I must have gone every day to swim for hours, but we never got the attention we wanted. LOL. It's goofy, but that was a really fun summer. We were young and innocent, and the term "stalking" meant nothing to us... :)

    P.S. - I still see the guy every now and then (we nicknamed him "Joe" so no one would know who we were talking about 24/7), and we talk every so often. He's really nice, but he's not the kind of guy for me. :)

  4. My favorite summer memories are of long car trips across Texas to visit family! We played counting and letter games, stopped for picnics and counted the hours! It wasn't fun then, but is a great memory now!

  5. I grew up mostly on a Island off of Japan and in the summer we would eat watermellon almost every week and go to the beach and swim and camp on the beach it was soo fun I miss it a lot now I live in Southren CA and there are no beaches here where you can camp it's a shame!!!

    Heres my E-mail address

  6. My favorite memory was spending our summers in our family farmhouse in upstate NY. A part of it was built before the revolution and sat on 210 acres with a stream and forest. It was my coming-of-age home where I experienced wild thunder storms and lighting bugs. I wrote letters all summer long to my best friend and cousin and waited every day for the mail man's station wagon to drive up. I can still smell the mustiness of generations past when we would open the house for the summer, feel the gravel under my feet and hear the screen door slap. It was a love affair of the likes I have never known.

    What a great topic for your readers! :)

  7. Oh my goodness! What a generous giveaway! Those flip flops look amazing! DO you sell them?
    Ok, my absolute favorite springtime memory was right before my dad got sick (Though now that I think about it he must have already been sick, but I didn't know it yet). He took me for a ride on his motorcycle. I felt like such a big kid with that giant motorcycle helmet on. He drove me past a nearby orange grove. I remember opening the plastic guard on the helmet and inhaling the intoxicating aroma of orange blossoms. It was the best thing I had ever smelt. Not long after my dad went into the hospital, and that memory became special to me for other reasons as it was the last time I got to be with him like that. I will never forget that smell and that feeling I had. :)

  8. After we moved from Mississippi summer was always my favorite time of the year, because I got to go back home from the day school got out til it was time to go back to school and I continued the trip until I graduated from high school. I grew up so much in those summers, my first boyfriend, my first church trip away from family, I was saved and just spent everyday outside swimming, riding bikes and being a kid.
    But as I have grown up Spring has become my favorite time of the year. Living in Florida I love Spring, there is always so much going on art shows, the beach, concerts. Sundresses, flip flops (who am I kidding we wear them almost year round). and the sun!


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