Thursday, March 5, 2009

The real reason why I can't blog this afternoon

It's 1:15, my errands are done, the washing machine is doing it's thing and I have about 1-2 hours before I am in Mom's Taxi for the afternoon drive(s). Just enough time to surf the net and post on my blog, right??? Not today. I've decided to dig out my adorable new sewing machine once and for all and give it a try. You see, I come from a family that knows how to sew but I missed out on that gene. Look at the most recent quilt my sister made. She whips these things up like most people whip up dinner. This is her "kaleidoscope" quilt. Is this a gift, or what??? My Mom sews and has her whole life. At least one of my other sisters can sew. My neices sew, my grandma could sew, even my girls can sew...get the picture? I tried once and made a pair of pj bottoms. Something went very wrong. I'm an average size person but when they were done, my 8 year old got in one leg and my 6 year old got in the other and they were still huge!!! Anyway, that's my goal for the next hour or so. I figure I only need to master a straight stitch so I can at least make my own pillow covers.Wish me luck!:-) P.S. On the other hand, I'm really sleepy so maybe a nap, instead.........

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