Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maui goes to the hospital

Today is the day and I am very sad and worried.
My sweet 10 month old puppy is getting neutered.
I know, I know, get over it. There are way too many dogs in the world.
But still, it's sad to think there will be no little Maui's down the road.
Truthfully, I would have done it sooner but my husband, who only agreed to let us get Maui because he was tired of the begging, I'm sure, didn't want him neutered.
Maybe it's just a guy thing (hahaha)
(he is now totally in love with Maui, I'm happy to say) He kept saying that maybe we could use him as a stud. Right.........
Well, we finally agreed that this was the right thing to do and he is getting older.
Some say that getting a dog neutered will settle him down, make him less crazy, dominant... They have never met my other little guy, Freddy.
Of course, that's probably because Freddy KNOWS he's the king of the castle!
Anyway, I take him in half an hour to the animal hospital.
He is so happy to get in the car but then he sees where we are and refuses to budge.
I can't carry him so Taylor is going to help me.
Together we will pull him in like Marmaduke, or something equally silly.
The worst part for me is he has to spend the night.
I asked if we could bring him home...I would gladly stay up all night with him,
but apparently this is best.
My poor, sweet, gentle, clumsy giant of a boy...
I'll be praying for you:-)
P.S. My boy got a haircut for the occasion. Now, my big goldendoodle looks more like a skinny, gangly colt...complete with long legs and a big head. :-)


  1. Oh he is so sweet!!!! He will be just fine, and won't remember this episode in 2 weeks! I'll be thinking about him.

  2. He's soooo cute. I'm sure he'll be just fine.

  3. awe he is such a happy thing huh? I love dogs. we have an english bully and he looks depressed most of the time.

    he will be fine and home with his momma soon. :)

  4. He's so cute...he'll be fine! Btw, I love the photo of him on your sidebar..wearing the Dolphin tee shirt!

  5. Ohhh what a cutie....glad to knoe he's okay;)

  6. Hey my son's name is COLT... lol


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