Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Favorites...on a budget

I can hardly believe how bad the news about the economy seems to get each day. I almost feel guilty writing about my favorite things...and telling you where to buy them. Almost!:-) A girl's still gotta shop once in awhile, right? I tried to keep things on the cheap for you except for my one, new splurge item. Here goes...hope you find something you like!

~Sally Hansen French Manicure Set: The cool thing about this set is the white polish comes in the form of a pen. I know when times are tough, manis and pedis are some of the first things to go so this is one solution. It costs $9.99 at Walgreens. I'm not so great at using any of these sets on my hands (I can't polish with my left hand:-) but on the toes, this works really great. If nothing else, this is great for touch-ups on your salon pedicure.

~Old Navy: Okay, sometimes I like their stuff and sometimes it's so boring. This year, they have so many cute, bright and *cheap* buys, I'm actually going back today to stock up on some fun basics, which I desperately need! Check it out...

This light-weight cable knit sweater is marked down to $20 and comes in gorgeous colors. I think I'd like a white and maybe this orange.

They have a bunch of diferent style cardigan sweaters. One of my favorites is this ruffle front, in black.
How cute with white shorts, a skirt or sundress.

They have a ton of colorful flip-flops...and I LOVE flip-flops, especially ones that are 2/$5. Can't beat that!

How about this adorable, canvas tote for $10?

I bought one of these umbrellas for my car. (Rainy season is on the way in south Florida!!!:-) For $9.50, I believe I may have one of the cutest umbrellas ever. It's pink with white dots and a green handle and it folds down to a compact size. They also have a multi color stripe, blue/white flowers and red with big, white polka dots.Then there are all of the tank tops and t-shirts for $5. And most of their clothes come in sizes xs-xxl. Wow...great buys, huh?

~Avon: If you have an avon rep, contact her or go to for great deals. Many things are up to 60% off and shipping is FREE, FREE, FREE!!! Avon has changed so much over the years so if you haven't tried in awhile, this might be a great time to check it out.

Now for my "splurge" favorite. A friend gave this to me for watching her baby girl. Totally unnecessary but...WOW, I love it! (and I would have never bought it for myself so...)
My new favorite lip gloss is CHANEL Lip "Galactic".
Okay, this stuff is unbelievable. The gloss comes in over 30 colors but this is a limited edition. It looks frosty, iridescent white in the tube but it shimmers like magic when you put it on. I like to wear a bit of nude/pink or taupe lip-liner and fill in with the gloss. It's natural, shimmers with many little shades and stays on better than any gloss I have ever worn. (And I have worn lip gloss since the old days of roll-on goop in strawberry flavor:-) I can only imagine what it must look like over a favorite shade of lipstick...haven't tried that, yet! Anyway, this is not cheap. It costs around $27...but I'm told it lasts. And since the rest of my make-up is pretty cheap, I might just keep using this stuff. It's GALACTIC!!!!!:-)


  1. I'm always looking for a good deal...thanks. Orange has become my new favorite color, I don't know what it about it :)

  2. I didn't know the 'white' for the french manicure came in a pen! Ugh! Now I've got to get it! It makes it almost fool proof!


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