Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Thoughts on "I Love You More"...

While I was fighting the flu the past few days, I received some wonderful feedback on my "I Love You More" post. I had a few surprises to my simple message. First of all, there are others who love Kristen's jewelry. (No surprise there!) The real surprise came when Laura Dukstra left me a message saying she had written a children's book called "I Love You More". I thought I had read every sweet, inspirational, loving book ever written for children but apparently I missed a big one...and it would have been a favorite, no doubt.
We love the whole "I love you more" idea. I'm not sure how it started with us other than I remember feeling, as every Mother does, an incredible amount of love for my child. And when you hold that little child and they say "I love you Mommy", you can only think that there is no way they could ever love you as much as you love them, hence the "I love you more" sentiment. Then, when my girls were a bit older, we watched one of our favorite movies "What a Girl Wants". In that movie, the mother-daughter characters say "I love you more than 100 swedish fish"...things like that. (By the way, swedish fish are a candy:-)
Anyway, I am going to look for Laura's book. I have saved a few of my daughter's favorite childhood books and this one will deserve a place with them, I'm positive. How smart was Laura to take a sweet moment between mother and child and turn it into a book for parents to share with their own children. This morning, read some reviews by other parents and apparently the book is written so that you read it through and then flip it over and can read it back again, I think from the child's perspective and then the mother's perspective. This must be to show the love is never-ending and that is just so true. Laura, thank you for your beautiful note and I can't wait to read your book.
I love you all more than warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk!


  1. This sounds like a really sweet book. I think even my older daughter would treasure this as a gift. I love that you can flip it over and read it from the Mom's/child's perspective. Cool!

  2. I've been playing a game with my daughters called "Love You More." Since they were very little, I would say "I don't love you thin much" and hold my hands together. I'd repeat the phrase, then hold my hands a little further apart. More and more I would do this, until my hands reached up in the sky. At this point, the kids would join me saying "I love you all the way to Heaven, and back." We still have fun playing this game each night at bedtime, and hopefully they will play it with their own children someday.

  3. Aaawww! I just found this...Thank *YOU* my new friend! It is such a joy to visit your page-I love the music! And the photos of the puppies are precious!!
    We have been blessed and people do buy I Love You More for loved ones of all ages! It is funny to see the parents saying, "I need to for my children!" I look at them kind of funny and they respond, "Yes...they're 27 and 30 or 45 and 48...they'r gonna love it!!"
    Thanks for being an *Ambassador of Love* and for helping us to share our book and its message of love with the world!
    You Shine!


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