Monday, October 19, 2009

The Old Red Barn...

So my daughter had to read a book for school called Animal Farm and she then had a bunch of projects to do for her grade. One was to find a picture of a farm that resembled (to her) the one in the book. She had a hard time finding the right one until we quit searching for "farms" and started searching for "barn." Bingo! The pictures started rolling in then.

Then it got me thinking about how much I love driving along and seeing barns...especially old red ones.

I especially love the old weathered barns with the chippy red paint...

A light came on in my head and I realized that THIS is where I want to live when I grow up...and I want an old red barn:-) If I believed in a "next life", I would say that this is where it would take place.

Since I don't, I can only think that maybe this is my "mansion" in heaven since I would love an old farmhouse more than a shiny new mansion anyway. Seems like a simple request, huh?:-)

Well, maybe with not so much snow...but I would like a few flurries on Christmas, thank you very much!

And if I were lucky enough to have a sweet cow too, then I would be very lucky indeed:-)

And I can tell you this, she might give us milk but I could never send her off to be a way, no how!!!

Of course, we would definitely need a few of these cuties to play with.

Notice how I already have names picked out? hahaha

And I know I am meant to go to a pretty little church like this...

My husband knows this is my dream. (well, one of them:-) He once looked at a job in horse country and to get me interested, he told me we could buy a small horse farm. I was so excited, until he told me we were NOT getting horses but at least I would have fields to run around with my dogs. Hmmm...nice, but not quite there.

Did you know there are companies that will convert an old barn into a magnificent farmhouse?

How's this for a place to enjoy your morning coffee...

Even I wouldn't mind cooking in this kitchen...

And Thanksgiving dinner around this table...

Heck, it might even get me to eat a bite of turkey...but then again, probably not:-)

Well, there you go...another of my many daydreams.

I know what you're thinking...enough with the barns already, right?
Not so fast. Check back for Part II of The Old Red Barn...or What I Want to do When I Grow Up!

Have a wonderful week...


  1. You know what this reminds me of? It's that movie with Diane Keaton called Baby Boom where she moved out to the country. I love that movie for the country charm as much as the cuteness!

  2. We have the chipped red barn and I can see the little white church from my yard! However...I need to work on the house design.

  3. love the designer rooms in that old barn - beautiful :D

  4. Just one more thing we have in common my dear. When I was younger, we used to laugh at my mom who just adored this little red barn we would pass on our way to the cabin because she always said she could live in it. Now I know exactly what she meant. The charm is immeasureable.

    My husband and I would love to have a hobby farm someday!

    Beautiful pictures and I hope you get yours someday too! Looking forward to part 2 of the old red barn!

    Have a blessed day Suzanne!

  5. They are all gorgeous. I've always loved old barns too. There is just something so traditional about them. I imagine most of them aren't so pretty on the inside though! Your barn remodels are gorgeous though!

  6. Wow... your kind of like Martha stewart. Organized, perfectly decorated..I like it. I'm jealous. :)

  7. Very cool pictures. It looks so cozy. I didn't know their were companies that turned barns into farmhouses, very interesting - you taught me something!

    That dining room is so homey and comfy looking, very easy to imagine a happy family eating there.

  8. Hi there! Following from MBC.

    You've got a great blog here! I love the pictures in this last post! :-)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful barn pictures! I wish I could take some of those with my new camera! I think I'm going to take a class, because your pictures are exactly what I want to be shooting!

  10. those last 3 pics are exactly how i would want my big red barn to look inside...ahhhh so warm and homey!

    Loved this post

  11. Love an old barn too! I always have the hankering to go up to the house by the barn and see if they would let me look for treasures in their barn!!


  12. How wonderful would that be!!!! Can I come visit when you get your house/barn?

  13. stopping by visiting all the SSS participants hope your having a wonderful day!

  14. I do love your blog! I love the sight of an old shabby barn as well! I too have dreamed of having my very own cow someday..although I was scared of the big Swiss cows laying on the trails we hiked in the Swiss Alps...loved their HUGE cowbells though!
    I'm thinking one of those shabby barns would be the perfect backdrop for a Christmas card photo! And your dogs...oh so cute...would look just perfect in the pic with the shabby red barn.

  15. I love pics of old barns...there's just something so cozy and nostalgic about a red barn! My father just finished his barn, which was a 5 year project, but it looks great and, best of all, it's red!

  16. I secretly think my husband was "raised in a barn." Not this barn though...gorgeous!

  17. These pics remind me of how much I ADORE your country xxx


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