Monday, October 26, 2009

What I Learned This Week...

I haven't done one of these in awhile and since I I've learned some things recently, thought I'd give it a try. This is what I've learned this week...

~I learned that sometimes you have to step away from the computer once in awhile to take care of a mom, help someone who needs it...and just recharge in general. I did that this week (as all of you know who left me comments and emails and I have yet to sorry:-) And to take this a step felt good. It felt really good...and I highly recommend it if you need a break:-) I read a long book (for me) from start to finish, fit in some exercise, reworked my eating habits, helped my girls with school and had some nice talks with my husband at night when I am usually too tired or on this thing.

~I learned that I consume waaaaayyy too much sugar in the course of a day. Carbs too, but who doesn't! No wonder I am tired and struggle to even lose 2 lbs. I cut back on calories, exercise...nothing. But when I started tracking my carbs and sugar and limiting them to good carbs and only 15 grams of sugar, I realised that I take in over 50 grams of sugar with my coffee and breakfast alone. Yikes!!!! After one week of cutting back and eating healthier, I feel better already...and lost 4 lbs. I doubt I will ever stick to anything forever but it is good to be aware of this so after having too much sugar for whatever reason (Holidays...) I know how to get back on track. (And we all know about the good carb/bad carb stuff, right?)

~I learned that sometimes adults are thoughtless and do stupid things to kids. That always surprises me. I see this all the time, from the competitive moms who put other kids down to make their kids look good to insensitive ones who just don't think...but it still surprises me. This happened to one of my daughters recently and as we talked about it, I found myself saying what I say all too often... "Sometimes the only thing you can do is learn from their behavior and don't act like them when you are an adult." But you know what...I teach them not to act like that as a kid so maybe some adults still need to grow up:-)

~Which brings me to the next topic which will probably also bring me hate mail. Is there anybody else out there who thinks facebook is not the great communicator people claim it to be but a weird way to relive highschool...AT BEST? I suppose there are those who use FB and Twitter in a good way but it seems like there is so much "look at me, look at my kid, this is where we went on vacation, this is where we ate dinner"...every day. I love my friends and family as much as the next person but it seems kind of competitive, or something. I know we do some of that on our blogs but it is not every second of our day and every thought that crosses our mind. (Some of the status updates are just plain stupid...who cares if you are at a red light and trying to decide between Taco Bell and Wendy's?????????) And then there are the status updates which have the subtlety of a 100lb brick sometimes. And I won't even touch the amount of snooping into other peoples lives and gossiping about it...yep, high school to me. I have concluded, along with a few others in my life, that FB does not in any way make me a better person so to quote "The Sharks" (my favorite new show:-)...Count me out!

And now for a few quickies...
~I learned that Truvia is the most amazing sweetener. (Other than good ol sugar but we already went there:-)
~I learned that it is hard to find a pair of jeans. Wait...I'm sure I've learned that MANY times:-)
~I learned that there is nothing like a new set of sheets and a fluffy comforter. Now if only I could get my dog off the bed to let me enjoy it:-)
~I learned, or maybe I was reminded, how much I love to read.
~I learned that my old house, the one I loved and it broke my heart to going up for sale. Hmmm...better not touch that one...but you know it's killing me:-) Can you ever go back? I'd sure be willing to try!
~I learned that Mondays are not so bad if you do a little planning on Sunday.
And speaking of Sunday, I'll leave you with a thought our pastor said at church yesterday. I've thought about it a lot and it is so true...

"The worst day of your life is still better than the best day in the life of most people in the world". Think about it... I know where my next meal wil come from, don't live in a war zone and do not fear being physically abused today, just to name a few horrible scenarios. So I am wishing you a wonderful day and a prayer for those whose days are likely to be much worse than mine, no matter what.


  1. I totally agree about Facebook! I quit it a loooong time ago and I remember telling my husband it felt like high school. I even found that some of my friends were so lazy that they only way they communicated with me was through Facebook after awhile! I don't regret quitting it and I don't plan to return.

  2. I loved your perspectives and I also agree about FB. I tried it for about a week to see what all the fuss was about and then closed my account. I didn't care to read about who had laundry to do. At least they were getting things done while I was wasting my time reading about it. I believe all of this social media is going to create a society that doesn't know how to speak to eachother face to face anymore. And when people do they think it's acceptable to talk to one another like they do in sitcoms and movies - rude, sarcastic and 'in your face'. I was talking to my next door neighbor's boy, an 18 yr. old about the party he had while his parents were gone until 4 AM and the entire time he had his head buried in his phone texting. He couldn't even look me in the eye and carry on a conversation. I think kids especially need a break from technology. Sorry this is so long. I guess I'm passionate about this topic. :) xoxo

  3. When my power goes out, I tend to freak out at first and then I get a sense of relief. It is SO refreshing to be off of the computer for a good length of time.

    My favorite part of the day is when I climb into bed at night and read. I would go at 7pm if I could and read for 4 hours. I adore it!

    But, you were missed!

  4. i quit facebook earlier this year too!!!
    i relate!

  5. I am sick of FB too, I just deleted most of my friends list and only now have my family who live away and my close friends that I communicate with.

    I deleted one girl who related everything her babies did as if everyone was interested in how many times her kid pooed their pants, how many times the kid threw their food on the floor, or how she was organising the mother of all birthday extravaganzas for the 2 year old. Yawn, bloody yawn.

  6. Hi Suzanne and Thank You for sharing your thoughts and boy oh boy did you give me some things to think about especially getting away from the pooter and yep jeans are almost all elastic wasted now and the sugar thing. Another biggie and your pastor hit it right on the head. I think some of us (myself first here) forget to mentally list the positives against the negatives in our lives and if we did so before complaining would probably always find the positive list much longer. Well hope you and yours have a bang up great week! Mollye

  7. I love your post. And I completely agree with you about Facebook. :)

  8. Hi Suzanne - You are more than welcome to mention the tea cup idea whenever you'd like. Go Martha. :)

  9. By the way, I love the new look (though it's probably only 'new' to me)...the pictures are fabulous!

    I'm feeling a call to step away from the computer for a longer period of time. Feeling yucky has kept me away more than I normally am, but now I just feel like I need a really good break.

    I also hear you on the FB stuff, I will keep my account there because it is just a good way to stay in touch with lots of people I don't see often and I do enjoy the pictures and updates (most of them). However, I agree with you in the fact that most of it is just crap. I also have a Twitter account that I have done very little with and will likely cancel soon!

    Laughing about you and Jordan doing the ballet dancing. I'm sure if I would have joined in I would have had both of you on the floor in hysterics!


  10. Enjoy reading all that you write. Can so relate to all the "REAL" that you express.
    Last night my husband was on the computer...usually it's me. He was catching up on BAMA online. We were watching "The Good Wife" and I was thinking I sure wish he'd get off the was like he was there...enjoying the show with me BUT...he wasn't AS THERE as I wanted him to be because he was on the I am time is over when my time at night with him begins! I know Doogan (my dog) feels the same way too!


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