Monday, October 5, 2009

Friend Makin Monday: Hobbies

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm joining in on Amber's Friend Makin Monday for the first time. It sounded like a topic I could get into...Hobbies...or things I love to do...things I want to do...and that list is long. (But I'll trim it a bit, don't worry:-) I think my life goes in "phases" in my "beading" phase, "knitting" phase (This happens every time I read a Debbie Macomber book as I am now:-) Anyway, I have said before if only I could focus on one or two projects, I might actually master them. As it is, there are too many wonderful things to make out there so I fear I will never change. Anyway, in no particular order, here are some of my "hobbies"...

I love taking photos and one of these days, would love to take a photography class just for fun.

Crafts...This was in one of my crafty phases when I turned every pen in the house into flower pens. We still have can you not smile when you are writing with a big flower???

I still love these! I don't care what Clinton from What Not to Wear says...cute flip-flops are a MUST in the south, thank you very much:-) I made these in every color. I had a neighbor with a flip-flop business and she taught me the ropes...lucky me:-)

I love looking for seashells. This is a hobby I share with my girls and it is one of my favorites. There are few things as relaxing to me as walking along the beach looking for pretty shells or that rare piece of seaglass.

Okay, I love beads. There are so many things you can do, even though I am not exactly in a bead phase at the moment. I think I got hooked on the name bracelets and it went from there. This was one of my biggest sellers. I made a long colorful bead strand from a mish-mash of pretty beads and wore it to pick up my daughter at school. I think I had it on as a double necklace and a teacher asked me about it. I told her it was a triple threat...long necklace, double necklace and belt. She went crazy over it and that year there was hardly a teacher to be found who wasn't ordering these belts. Fun times:-)

Let's see...I got hooked on these a long time ago when I saw one for sale that cost $175. Seriously!!!!! I drove straight to Michaels, bought the most beautiful flowers I could and attached them to a small purse. Voila...a "blossom" bag. (That was what I called them at the time. hehehe)

I also love to read, but prefer uplifting books or those with happy endings. Yep...I'm a sap...big time:-)

...and you know about these. This one is called "Buttercup", made by Taylor.

Wait...there's more. I have also been's spotty at best but it keeps me from eating at night so that's good. Hahaha!

Then there are my weak attempts at scrapbooking. I have such fabulous scrappers in my family...what happened to me? But I have been trying lately so maybe this time I will get those albums done for Christmas.

I am learning to speak French...does that count as a hobby? My girls have to learn as part of their schooling and their teacher is letting me in on the class...Yay!!!

What's up with you???
Au revoir, Suzanne


  1. Well Honey you are quite the little diverse lady. With many things to keep you busy and out of trouble. The flower power purse is adorable with a capital A. Also the Tutu and don't even mention the flower pens, because i did a garden full of them only a few months ago. And anyone who cannot relate to blingy bling flippers just must be communistic! Ha ha enjoyed your post. Mollye

  2. This so fun to read! Suzanne, it's nice to know more about you and your (many) hobbies. =) Maybe I should get into this "Friend Makin Monday" thing...

    And flower pens? Please, if you ever want to send me one (or some!), do it! I would be thrilled. Even if they may not be the executive business woman's pen of choice, I'm not that woman. And I think they are stinkin' adorable. =D

  3. Great list Suzanne! And everything you have on your list is everything I have on my list that I WISH I could do...all that creative stuff! Keep it up dear, it will always keep you young at heart!

    I love flower pens too. And every time I see your adorable tutus I wish for a baby girl even more!

    The beads are beautiful!

  4. holy hannah you have lots of hobbies! i really love the tutu's and think it is awesome you made your own blossom bag - great savings too! :D

  5. What a great list. I too love taking pictures. I just wish I had a better camera.

    The flip flops are gorgeous!

    I love scrapbooking.

  6. I'm definitely a scrapbooker so I'm happy you're giving that another go. But, you have some crafty talents, big time!

  7. What interesting hobbies! I saw a flower pen for the first time not too long ago, and I can't wait to make some for myself. I looked up how to make them on the internet and saw a picture where someone used a small flowerpot with a ribbon around it as a pen holder-- it was so cute!

  8. These are by far the coolest ever! Love your samples


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