Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"Americana in Paris"...
Get it?
Like "An American in Paris" with Gene Kelly.
Pretty cute..and clever...if I do say so myself.
(Hey, I rarely think of cute and clever blog titles...
so yes, I am excited!:)

Okay...remember Americana?
That style of decorating that portray the best of the old American Spirit?

Using muted shades of classic colors,
such as slate blue, muted greens, faded reds...
including Americana folk art...

Some called it country...
(I think I did when my Mom decorated the guest room with it...
Sorry Mom. I didn't know a THING back then!)

While these are not pictures of my Mom's guest room,
you get the idea. I remember thinking it was like sleeping in
the "Betsy Ross" flag room.
Well, not me, thank you very much!

I discovered Chani from
Blanc et Caramel

French for "White & Caramel"...
her colors du jour:)
She loves white, shabby and coffee stained items...
and shares them with the world via her etsy shop
and her main shop.

Here is what she says about her beautiful shop... "We are located in Paris and have vintage inspired products, but we also make sure they are French. Gorgeous finds from Parisian flea markets and romantic places in the southern French countryside, notably the Provence, were used for crafting our products. We love both the vintage and old-fashioned Paris style and the countryside shabby chic."

Now, Chani is a beautiful young lady,
born in Switzerland and now married with a family and living in
Paris, France.
I'm telling you, I have met the most wonderful ladies via my blog...
lovely people who are always there to lend an ear
and give you a virtual hug when you need it most...
(and I have needed it most lately.)
And I have met so many generous, kind and creative people...
just like Chani!

Guess what Chani loves?
In her own words...
"Isn't it funny how you always want what you don't have:
I want American stuff and Americans want French stuff!"

Yep, that's me she's talking about!
I love anything French...
If it has French words, designs (Eiffel Tower, Fleur De Lis...)...
I'm going to Paris this Fall and ALL I want to do is visit the Paris Flea Markets:)

Anyway, Chani even has a name for it...
Shabby Americana.
How cute is that????
She decorates with it from time to time and creates with it.
Just look at a pillow she has in her home...

And some of the "Shabby American" items in her shop...

In her designs, she tends to make them in muted colors a la the shabby look and part of her color palette...

I think I might have a new love for Americana.
How funny it started with a sweet lady from Paris France:)

Chani also has a number of beautiful items in her shops...
such as these banners,

"For your perfect summer seaside decor: A seashell, a starfish with buttons and a conch made of white fabric and linen and some decorative stitching, attached on thick natural twine with bast. Some coffee-stained flags with compasses and “Coquillages à la plage” (French for “seashells on the beach”) stamped on them."

Lovely jewelry with pieces found at the Paris Flea Markets...

Pretty note cards...

Even some cinnamon sugar...


Oh right...did I say GIVEAWAY?
You bet I did!!!
And it is coming to you straight from Paris, France.
Well, actually I ordered it this morning and it is coming to you from
France via a stop in Florida to drop of my OWN goodies:)

So for all you creative types,
"The Glittered Jar..."

Here is how Chani describes this item in her shop...

This sweet little jar is filled with treasures for your vintage crafting:

1) White ribbon, hand-stamped in sepia with “Paris” and crowns. It measures 100 x 3 cm and comes with a little clock tag.
2) Three kinds of old lace, found on a Parisian flea market. They are between 60 and 100 cm long.
3) Natural twine (100 cm)
4) Four mini tags with twine, stamped with “Paris”, fleur de lis and a crown.
5) A metal heart (maybe silver?) found on a Parisian flea market. It measures 3,5 x 3 cm.
6) Ten old buttons, most of them mother-of pearl.
7) A glitter star (3,5 x 3 cm).
Everything come is a jar (height: 7 cm) with a silver glittered sparkling cover and a coffee-stained Paris address tag attached to it.
Are you inspired?

Here's how to WIN!!!!!
Now, this is not about me...
this is about Chani...
and Blanc et Caramel...
So, please enter by visiting her shop...
and leaving me a comment telling me what you love most in her shop.

You also get an entry for visiting Chani's blog and leaving her a comment to
encourage her to keep creating beautiful things:-) Make sure you let me know in a comment
if you visit Chani!

One more about this giveaway and let us know that you did!

Drawing for The Glittered Jar will be on...
when else?
The 4th of July!!!!!!!
So hurry, hurry:-)

Au revoir!


  1. What a beautiful shop.
    I like the Buttons'n'Bow . Necklace .

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  2. Thank you for entering! I need to go let people know about more than this giveaway...but sweet Chani:) Thank you!!!!

  3. i love By the Sea . Nautical double heart ornament


  4. Wow Suzanne, thanks for letting us know about Chani...what an incredible talent she has! My favorite item was the french button necklace! I love vintage buttons!

    Great title too by the way, you touched on one of my favorite movies! If there is anyone I love more than Gene Kelly, it is Leslie Caron!

    I'm off to visit Chani's blog now.

    Have a great night my friend!


  5. LOVE Chani's site and blog...would love to win a little something from her:)
    I adore most of her shop, but esp. love her Seashell tags!!

  6. Left a comment on CHani's fabulous blog!

  7. Chani is wonderful!!! Love all of her beautiful hearts!!!

  8. Oh Suzanne,
    Your blog is SOOO beautiful and I LOVE the photo at the top...and I LOVE how you wrote Sisters in the sand....You are so clever and talented!

    Thank you so much for coming over to my blog this morning--it is so great to meet you, Sister!

    It's so funny that we have the same background...I have had a website for over a year but I just started a blog last week...just in time for the sorority...lucky that I did because I think people feel confused on a website because they're used to
    Sending hugs your way...
    P.S. I hope you'll visit my I Owe it All to Him blog...
    it's inspirational and just a quiet place to hang out...

  9. I'm browsing the shop right, but I love all things Paris so I might be there awhile. I just commented on her blog to get an entry ~

  10. Ok, looked at everything. I love all the beach stuff & all of the Shabby Americana stuff (how fun!)

    I would have to say that my favorite favorite item though is the Paris flea market double-sided charm necklace

  11. I love the silver lidded jar - I would love to make lots og goodies with the contents - Chani's shop is beautiful, and so is your blog -glad I found it.

  12. sono una seguace del sito francese ha cose sono italiana.quello che amo del suo negozio '????tutto ma in modo particolare questo
    Bon voyage à Paris tags

  13. What beautiful goodies? It's hard to pick just one! but I sepcially love her heart ornaments and scented sachets...the garlands too!

  14. Wow! There were so many enticing goodies. I love her bookmarks, but then also the hearts. The double one particularly. Great giveaway.

  15. I stopped over to Chanti's blog and became her newest follower. Have a great weekend.

  16. O.M.G. I adore France... everything about it! This is a perfect giveaway!!
    I hope I win ;) I'm definitely a Francophile.
    I love:
    Paris flea market double-sided charm necklace
    Living in Paris . Eiffel Tower necklace
    Sparkling Eiffel tower necklace

    I really need an Eiffel Tower necklace!!

  17. I commented on Chanti's blog!!

    a couple of times :)

  18. Everything in her shop is just LOVELY!!!! My favorite item is teh Coquillages à la plage . Seaside inspired garland . I would love to win this giveaway!!! Lovely little buttons ;)

    Thank you. guurrrl [at] gmail (dot) com

  19. Love love love Chanti's shop and blog. I will definitely buy some things from her. Living right by the sea I loved her shells and buttons etc. I also left a comment on her blog, followed her and added her to my list as I have done with yours. Hugs Sara

  20. The dried rose bud heart wreath ornaments are gorgeous!


  21. I already follow Chani's blog and will leave her a comment shortly!


  22. Thanks so much for the chance to win - I am happy to display this candy on my sidebar at Create With Joy!


  23. The lovely dried rosebud heart!

    Best wishes.

  24. Just a quick note to let you know I posted on Chani's blog as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely giveaway.

  25. Madame Angelique . Paris charm necklace is something that really caught my eye on Chani's blog. She has some wonderful things on there. I am posting on her site too.


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