Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink Saturday Summer Memories

Memories of the Summer Carnival...

Pink Saturday Edition...
Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!

One of my favorite childhood/teen memories
is of the summer carnival that came to
The South Flint Plaza every year.
First of all, that was when it was a safe place,
my mom worked part time at the Fair Store
and it was very close to home.

I usually went with my friend Donna and later with Cathy.
Sometimes my friend Carrie would spend the night with me to go the the carnival.
I think we went with about $20...
and came home with ZERO...of course.

I loved the carousel...still do...

I mean, what's not to love about these gorgeous horses?
(But what the heck is "Tom" about?:)

and the swing ride. How high we would swing in the air!

And don't forget the slide...

Carnival Games?
Don't mess with me at a carnival game booth.
This is serious business!
I have a giant pink penguin to win...

or something!
Did I ever tell you my secret, special skill is the water gun game?

I can shoot a squirt gun into the moouth of a clown like nobodys business.
Just ask my girls.
They have been my competition before...
and I show no mercy!

But as my mom used to say...
do not bring home one of those fish you win.

And how much fun is the balloon dart game?:)

We always loved the Tilt-a Whirl...

and somehow I always ended up on the ferris wheel...

even though I HATE ferris wheels.

Give me the scariest roller c0aster on earth rather than a ferris wheel.

Somehow, we always got a carny who thought it would be funny
to strand us screaming girls up at the top.

You have officially traumatized me for life! ;)

And then there is the fun house...
with the funny mirrors.

These were a cross between fun and scary...
reminded me of a haunted house.

And I remember the year the funhouse was called Helter Skelter.
Ummm...NO THANK YOU!!!
We had just watched a movie about a creepo of the same name
and I was still terrified!

Sometimes there were clowns...

and ALWAYS there was carnival food!

What can I say...give me cotton candy and funnel cake,

throw in a sno-cone
and I will be your friend for life.

Life was so simple then.
Simple and innocent...
and it seemed very safe.

I wish my girls could have this experience...
but I will not be dropping them off at a carnival anytime soon!

So there you have of my favorite summer memories.
I Loved summer carnivals!

How about you?
What is one of your favorite summer memories?

And Happy Pink Saturday!!!!!!!


  1. ok, this is a seriously fun post! and so much pink! Love it!

  2. Hey Sis, what a great post! For me it is two things I remember about summer, going to church camp, loving the experience and totally not understanding the crying kids who were homesick:)

    The other memory is of Dad going to the Soda Pop Shop and we got to pick all kinds of flavors and fill a wood holder with them:) I think pop was just getting to be a household thing around then:)


  3. OH what great pictures of the carnival. The Tilt-a-Whirl was always my favorite!

    Happy PS,

  4. So sweet memories, beautiful carnival!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. What fun memories!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. Great post and lovely memories!
    Happy Pink Saturday Suzanne.

    " Regina "

  7. Oh, I have great memories of Sylvan Beach and rides. It was SO special. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. The pink rides look like so much fun. Me and ferris wheels NO WAY but I love the slide and merry-go-round.

  9. Happy PiNk, Suzanne...

    What a fun post..the carousel is so beautiful.

    PS has grown so large that I'm picking another creative strategy for visiting those that I haven't in a while.

    Have a wonderful day. Pop in for a visit if you are out and about in blogland!

    Oh, and my middle name is Suzanne!

    Stephanie ♥

  10. What a sweet memory, and i love all your pinks at the carnival.

    And I'm a huge fan of the carousel horse, too,

    Happy PS!
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  11. I haven't been to a carnival in YEARS! I used to have so much fun too. I never went to one at night though, I think that could be fun to see everything all lit up. Happy Pink and have a wonderful week!

  12. This post just screams summer, great pictures! I love the first swing picture, beautiful!
    I still haven't forgotten about you, been really busy and helping my son get ready for a trip. He will be gone for 3 weeks. Boys need more help than girls I think! Will talk soon!

  13. I LOVE this post Suzanne, how much fun. Found another thing we have in common, a love for carousels. I seriously want to have a collection someday, I adore them.

    I love carnivals too and the Tilt A Whirl was my favorite ride.

    Such wonderful pictures and how much fun to take a walk through your young life, I could hear the excitement as I read your post!

    Blessings to you my dear friend!

  14. What fun carnival memories you have stirred in me! Love the pics!

    You are right, it is an era our kids will never experience.

    Happy PS a few days late!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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