Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Princess ... The REAL Blog Giveaway Post...FINALLY

Kate Middleton...
soon to be
Princess Catherine .
formerly known in British tabloids as
"Waity Katie"
all because she waited 8 years for her Prince.
and now she is just a few days away from becoming his princess.
probably as close as we will get to a real life fairytale.
let's hope it lasts happily ever after!
so Kate...
they say you have quite a style about you.
 I have to agree.
you didn't ask for this style setter label.
 the people gave it to you, just as we do all the time with famous people.
but so far, you're doing great.
 college years aside.
Kate definitely has a great style about her.
and while I hope she is allowed to become her own person,
I don't think she minds at all borrowing from her
beautiful mother-in-law's book of style tips.
 Diana, as she matured, turned into a very stylish beauty.
I think she is honored to be compared to Princess Di...
her fiance's Mum...whom he says he still misses dearly.
misses having someone to call "Mummy".
so sweet.

but back to Kate.
pretty lady...what ARE you going to wear to marry your Prince Charming?
everyone thinks they know...
but few do.
even I think I know.
haha...if only I were kidding!
i really think I have an idea of what she MIGHT wear.
okay...a VAGUE idea...but still...
i have done my homework you know.

for example, all those designers saying she would look great in strapless,
or VERRRY fitted and sleek.
she is marrying into the ROYAL family,
not exactly the place you slink down the aisle in something skin tight.
in fact, from all I have read, the shoulders are to be covered.
somewhat fitted is okay but not overly tight.
If she COULD wear strapless, maybe with a long lacy veil draped over her shoulders,
I LOVE this dress.
but I don't think strapless is where she'll go.
here are some of my choices that make the 
1. the TRASHY dress...definitely a don't...royal wedding or not.
 2.  the TACKY dress...enough said:)
3. TOTALLY inappropriate dress.  IS it a dress? I'm thinking the Queen would NOT approve:)
 Royal Don't #4.  Color.  Dip Dye.  Tie Dye.  no rainbows allowed at the royal wedding:)
one dress that would probably not be considered appropriate for the 
royal bride but that I love and think she would be stunning in is the gown
worn by Carolyn Bessette when she married 
John F. Kennedy Jr. 
 simple, elegant...perfect for Kate...
but not this wedding...not in Westminster Abbey....not when you are marrying
a real life prince:)

yes, she seems to be her own person...
but she also seems to be discreet and respectful of the position she is in.
so...I think Miss Kate will pick something flattering to her slim figure BUT...
respectable, elegant, classy, stylish, timeless.
this dress will be photographed and be around forever...
long after she is gone, as we well know.
 and she will pick something that says to Prince William...
I am your Princess.
I can handle this:)

so here are some of MY ideas...
i hear lace is in style for wedding gowns this year.
i have sources, you know:)
and VINTAGE lace especially.
so...i'm thinking lace.
Queen Elizabeth wore lace.
and who can forget that other princess...
Princess Grace.

 or maybe something like this...
 it is a LONG aisle and I think the dress does need to make a statement...
and standout a bit.
 i guess i like a few details about this one but not necessarily the dress...
 a bit more fitted but elegant...and she could pull it off at 5'10".

   this one is cool because it would allow her to have a fitted, strapless gown with a lace bolero that is removable.

 but THIS one is my favorite.  Maybe a bit covered up but a statement for sure.
It would copy well...and you know it will be copied.
this just looks like a princess gown to me but I've not been to many royal weddings so...
Okay, so you have my thoughts. 
now we'll have to wait and see when she steps out of that Rolls Royce.
What do YOU think the dress will look like?

a few more notes on princess style...
hats are a good thing.
it seems that Kate likes the color blue.
 she wants to have makeup artists on hand but also wants to do her own make up.
her favorite skincare product is:

Rimmel cosmetics is an inexpensive British line
with some products being sold in the U.S. stores like Target and CVS.
I've used a few of their products for sometime. 
considering their price, they're pretty good.
for a bigger selection,
check online.
 anyway, Rimmel is suggesting various products for Kate...
and I have those products for YOU!!!!!
  Yes, for the Project Princess blog giveaway,
you get a bag full of Rimmel products suggested for the future princess,
shades she likes, and also a few other British goodies.
the Rimmel products are:
1. Fix and Perfect makeup primer, 2. glam Eye Shadow trio  3."Sexy Curves" black mascara
4.  Black eyeliner 5. Lipstick in "Just So"...rosy shade  6. Creamy Lipgloss in Rose Cocoon
7. Lasting Finish nailpolish in "English Rose" (appropriate) 8. "Rose" bath fizzers
I'm imcluding a miniature Union Jack teapot, English Breakfast tea in a red phone booth tin, a surprise piece of jewelry
and our FAVORITE candy bar from England.
at least that's where we discovered it and fell in love.
we have a lot of Europeans and British people near where I live so we have a UK section in our grocery store,
stocked with Aero Bars.
these candy bars have little air bubbles in them so they are very light in your mouth...
before it's all done, I will also throw in a few other things, just for fun.
how can you win?
leave a comment telling me you'd like to win.
 easy peasy-that's a British phrase:)
no need to have a blog of your own.
open to anyone leaving a comment.
don't be shy.
okay...now we ALL have no excuse for looking like a princess!

come back tomorrow where you can win another
gift package.
this one is themed "Keep Calm and Carry on".
cute, huh?
Thursday's giveaway...Time for tea and cake:)
Friday/Saturday...Shabby Chic giveaway (my favorite British export)
enter for one or for all.
no limit!
Happy Royal Wedding Week.


  1. Oh how fun! I love this giveaway-I love makeup! You have me really excited for this Royal Wedding, but I love weddings so this is right up my alley! Can't wait to see all the fun stuff you have in store for this week!


  2. I would love to win your Royal Package. Such a sweet post. Very well said. I love that last dress. Can't wait to see what she wears.

  3. I would love to win ! I LOVE makeup !!

  4. What a fun giveaway!! I would love to be entered.
    I think Kate would look so pretty in a sleek lacy dress, but I think she will need something bigger and fuller so she doesn't seem lost in Westminster Abbey. Just my opinion..lol!

  5. What a great giveaway!!! I'd love to win.

  6. This was fun looking at all these wedding dresses! I can hardly wait to see Kate on Friday! Cute giveaway but do not include me I no longer wear makeup due to allergies. I'm old anyway and it doesn't matter.. :)
    I will be back for tomorrows party! hugs, Linda

  7. Fabulous giveaway! I will be watching the wedding with my "Royal Pucker" lipgloss on.

  8. Hi Mummy! I have been reading all of your posts devotedly...and I've had to live with the AMAZING giveaways laying on our kitchen table tempting me...so I thought it might be fun to enter your give away :) I would love to win all this make up!! Can't wait to stay up all night and watch the royal wedding with you Mum!

    ~Keep Calm and Marry a Prince~

    Love, Jordan xoxo

  9. How fun! Would love to win this! Love your selections -quite stunning - looking forward to seeing her choice - will be bright and early for us!

  10. I would love to win your British give away! I've added London to my bucket list after seeing how much fun you had last year with our family!

  11. How fun! A girl doesn't need to be a Princess to win these goodies does she?! I love Grace Kelly's dress. It has always been my favorite "celebrity" wedding dress. Pop by my blog tomorrow to sign up for a giveaway I am having!

  12. From someone who is totally obsessed with the royal wedding event, I can say that all your royal wedding posts are fabulous! Doesn't Kate just have the the most gorgeous style ever? I'm still drooling over all the photos the big day!

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