Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Part...I Love Fairytales

oh my gosh...
i keep hearing it...
whining about the royal wedding.
"who cares", "I could care less", "nobody likes the royals anyways"...
on and on.
so don't watch it.
me...i love a good wedding once in awhile:)
I was going to use my first day of royal wedding week to talk about
"Princess" Style.
maybe turn us all into princess's!
right... hahaha
maybe on day 2.
today, I'm doing something i rarely do...
hopping up on my soapbox.
but just like nobody is forced to watch the wedding...
nobody is forced to read this.
but do come back tomorrow:)

okay...what's the big deal?
ummm...we DO have a bit of history together...
even if our OWN history is not very old.
200+ years or so.
and not all of it is BAD history together.
we have worked together during some very big moments.
 but here's why I personally love the whole idea of this royal wedding.
 1.  I LOVE a good fairytale! 
my blog was actually named "fairytales and grace" last summer.
that was because I personally felt as if my own fairytale life
was crumbling and I needed to be reminded that it's all good,
dreams do come true...
just not always the ones you choose 
but maybe the ones God has in store for you.

I doubt there is a child alive who didn't play make believe
at some point.
maybe it was a little girl who pretended to be a princess...
or a little boy who fantasized about being an astronaut or cowboy.
it didn't hurt us then and it won't hurt us now.
so let's lighten up and think back to our own fairytale days.

2.  this is Prince William...Princess Diana's son.
 I'm sorry...I know she had her moments...
some good, some not so good.
but she LOVED her boy.
she deserved better than a man who couldn't say he loved her
when they announced their engagement AND had a girlfriend from 
day 1.  we have NO idea what truly went through her mind.
but we DO know she wanted her boys to have as "normal" 
a life as possible and that would include marrying for LOVE.
Since William is marrying a "commoner"...I'd say it's love.
he has carried the title of "the people's prince" and he carries it well.
 people say he is privileged.
yes, he is.
but he has had far more pain at a young age than many do.
at a young boy, he had to live through the pain and embarrassment of
his parents VERY public and VERY messy separation and divorce.
he must have thought it would never end.
then when things looked a bit brighter,
he was told on the eve of flying to meet his mother for a vacation together,
that she had died in a car crash.
who can forget the pictures of him walking behind her casket.
i don't begrudge him a bit of happiness.
i believe if he had his way, he and Kate would have run away
to Africa and been married long ago.
but there's this tradition thing to think of...

3. which brings me to "this tradition thing".
the British Commonwealth still includes about 1/3 of the world.
they have royalty...they LOVE tradition.
I love tradition.
(and NOBODY throws a wedding like the royals.)
somehow it's comforting in our own family
and in our own world,  to know that THIS is what we do...
and I imagine it is the same way there only on a much
GRANDER scale.  
so the royals don't actually govern anymore.
let me tell you, I went to London last Fall (and LOVED IT!!!)
they may not govern but they DO rule.
it isn't the prime minister's face on the money, postal services...just about everything.
 they have a tradition and a history we cannot fathom...
we were so impressed how many brits KNEW their history and
respected it...and the royal family!
we could learn... we could learn...
but just like in America, hearing from those people makes boring press.
we sell WAY more papers by printing the negative stuff, right?

4.  which brings me to those who are tired of hearing about it.
don't even get me started...
let me tell you of some things that are old news to me.
no, scratch that...
they are NOT news at all yet they are headlines for us.
Lindsay Lohan...
Charlie Sheen...
so called "real housewives"
the trashy Kardashians...
Brad and Angelina...
Barry Bonds (steroids and athletes...who knew? duh...)
ANY celebrity or athlete behaving badly!!!
anything oprah does.  nothing against her but...
politicians behaving badly...
who got kicked off the latest reality show...
the academy awards (or any awards show these days)
 no, we in America have NEVER had any scandal...
can you say Bill and Monica?
(hey...i did say i was on a soapbox today:)
  okay, so don't bother with the royal wedding.
it's so SILLY compared with what we normally watch, you know?
girl from BucKlebury meets young prince.
girl marries prince.
lives in a castle.
HOPEFULLY lives happily ever after.
 if that kind of fairytale is too phony, too clean, too boring...
don't watch.
instead, check out the cursing Kardashians and mean housewives.

but for these 3 shabby chicks...
we'll be watching.
and we'll love it.
just like I watched Charles and Di with my "Mum"...
my girls will watch with me.
it's a once in a generation thing.
we'll talk about her dress.
we'll drink tea and eat raspberry scones.
(or maybe the special heart shaped Will and Kate donut from Dunkin's donut":)
we'll ooh and ahh...
probably get teared up thinking about her long walk down
the aisle of Westminster Abbey...
and we'll wish this young couple the very best.
and hope they can change the course of things for a 
sometimes dysfunctional royal family and the country they serve.

and then we'll go back to everyday life.
Jordan will be playing tennis next weekend.
Taylor will be performing the role of Peter in "Peter Pan".
i will be dressing up like a pirate on Saturday afternoon and then
going to a Ball Saturday night. 
my husband will golf, go into work.
i'll walk the dogs...and pick up poop.
(hmmm...that might be one time i wish I were a princess:)
so ya...i think maybe I'll get lost in the fairytale this week.
if you care to get lost with me,
stop by tomorrow...and the next day and the next.
but I also have a temperamental camera so bear with me:)
and I will tell you, it has beauty supplies, paper supplies and food included!
yes, we'll have a JOLLY good time!
promise, promise, PROMISE!!!
and please don't hold my rant against me:)
but I just had to do it...
cheers, then...until tomorrow!


  1. Love your post and the "marry a Prince" sign at the bottom, too!! I'll be watching, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. I LOVE weddings, no matter how big or small! If I could have had my own wedidng be this big of a deal, I would have!! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you have in store for Royal Wedding Week!


  3. Fab post!! Especially your words about Diana.

    I *love* a wedding and as you say the royals do weddings so well.

    I also love pomp and circumstance and we British do that so well!!

    We are having family over and making fancy sandwiches, cakes and scones to nibble on while we watch history in the making.

    Sarah (UK) x

  4. Great post. Yes, as
    Americans we don't get it, do we. It all seems so royal to us. I will watch (probably reruns)the wedding. I wish them lots of happy years to come. So sorry that Diana won't be there. Enjoy your royal day. Love the Marry a Prince sign.

  5. I too love weddings,,, I will be watching also,, I so hope they will live happily ever after,,,,


  6. I also love a good wedding and this one will be wonderful fun! I am going to watch it myself! I watched Charles & Diana's wedding many years ago.


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