Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunnies, Chicks and Eggs..

...cute ideas for EASTER!
wish I could say they were all MY ideas but...
you would know better, right? hahaha
good thing we have MARTHA and some incredibly talented people to 
one of my favorite memories from childhood was
coloring easter eggs.
even though it TOTALLY stunk up the house with vinegar...
and even though I HATED boiled eggs at the time:)
but it was tradition and it was FUN!
so here's to decorated easter eggs...
hmmm...eggs, yes.
shredded paper basket...probably not this year.
but COOL, huh?
okay, how EASY is this...
white eggs with glittery stickers ($1.00/pack at Walmart:)
          eggs tied with ribbon...
(even I can handle this one:)

one guess who colors eggs in similar shades and decorates
with pretty designs...

  this is a GREAT farmhouse chic idea...
straight from the pages of Pottery Barn.
how simple to put letter stickers or stamps on plain white eggs!

 these are adorable...
but WAY beyond my knitting capabilities.
maybe some of you could make them.
and good news...they'll still be fresh NEXT year:)
 how fun are these little guys?

and if you go to the dollar store and buy those cheap plastic eggs,
just look what you can make!
cute egg cookies...
now THIS looks good...and EASY!
and did I say TASTY?
you know, I have made and bought elaborately decorated cookies
through the years.
but sometimes I think they don't taste quite as yummy as they look.
just my own experience:)
but a simple sugar cookie recipe and easy frosting is all you need here.
so let's get baking!
unless, of course, you're super talented like
Bakerella...then you could make bunny cake pops!
or how about these ADORABLE bunny cupcakes...
so cute!  what do you think they used for the ears?
(just trying to figure it out so I can make some:) least half of my blog post didn't come out so
all I can say is...BUMMER!!!
and stay tuned for part 2:)



  1. Hello my dear friend. I am loving all of these ideas. The ears look like candy corn to me? Frosted maybe?

    I want to make the plastic egg wreath, adorable and fun!!!!

    I pray you are doing well and looking forward to a blessed Easter!

    Love you!

  2. See what i mean about inspirational blogs....your one of them! I am your newest follower! xoox, tracie

  3. Such adorable Easter ideas! Love those itty bitty cookies! And Martha does know how to color co-ordinate her stuff, doesn't she?

    Hope you and your family will have a glorious Easter!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Oh looking at all these eggs puts me in the Easter mood. I always enjoyed coloring eggs. Some of these ideas are so sweet. I agree the bunny cake pops are so cute and she used candy corn for the ears...they make it in pastel colors for Easter! Have a wonderful holiday.
    hugs, Linda

  5. These are all fantastic ideas - so much fun -wish my children were littler again to make these things for them -
    Hope you have a blessed Easter,

  6. Those are adorable! I love everything about Easter--eggs, bunnies, and chicks. Oh, and the ham and macaroni & cheese! I hope you are doing well, and you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!


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