Friday, May 20, 2011

F is for Fun Friday...Fake Tans, Friends and Funny Stuff...

Fun Friday...
I remember when my girls were at school, they had Fun Friday.
they still had to do school work but there was just a
TINY bit more fun in their day.
so i suggest we have a FUN Friday too, starting with fake tans:)
okay, I am officially THE fake tan QUEEN!
(i knew  was the queen of something:)
don't get me wrong...I've fried my skin in the past...
and while it's still pretty much okay,
I am well aware my day will come!
so now, other than a light tan...
(vitamin D, you know:)
i FAKE it!

my first fake tan was Sudden Tan.
remember that stuff?
i have to laugh when i think of all the times I went around
with streaks and smudges from a BAD fake tan
and smelled really bad!
but NO MORE!!!
because I have discovered an at home airbrush tan by L'Oreal...
that I LOVE!!!!!
airbrush tans can be expensive...
and can smell too...but not this stuff.
it sprays on in any direction, 
doesn't smell bad,
dries VERY quick.
it's WAY cheaper than getting it done at a salon ($10)
and the can lasts about 5 or 6 tans.
last night I gave Jordan a spray tan and turn!
check it out if you need a HEALTHY glow:)
so, my buddy "AL" keeps dropping by for a visit.
ever have a friend that just wouldn't go away?
it's not like we have a lot in common or anything...
and he's starting to be a pest!
he did let me snap his picture the other day,
although I told him he could have SMILED or something...
but instead he looks grumpy.
what do you think?

i really wish he would just go away
but he says he was here first.
yeah, right.
guess that's why they say WE live in the SWAMP...
because we do:)
i think I'm pretty good at texting...
there, I said it.
my girls may not agree...
but at least I've never done something like this...

OMG (see...I know some of it)
this poor lady! heeheehee
I think I'll pass on this restaurant...

that's it for now...
happy FUN Friday:)



  1. HOw funny I just tried that spray tan by loreal yesterday and i LOVE it too!;) Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  2. first or not, I would have to call animal control. Your pups may be in danger from that friend!
    Laughed about the lol, too funny!

    Hope you are doing well. I got a cancer free scan report in April, so I am living the good life, carefree! Enjoying my new grandbaby, and working on both our houses, and my kids houses too for that matter! So busy but a good busy.
    I think of you often. xo


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