Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mum's Day...

this IS royal wedding month after all...
at least for the shabby chick "princesses" :)
and while my wishes for a special day are a bit late,
they are sincere!
(and by the way, I DID wish my own mother a happy day on Sunday
 so I'm not TOTALLY unfortunate!

 to Mums everywhere...
I hope you had a royally good day...
and were treated like the princess you are...

I apologize for being so late with my royal wedding recap.
 just wasn't feeling great last week, you know?
but never fear (or maybe you SHOULD fear..haha)
it's coming tomorrow at the latest!
along with a few winners...
although you're ALL winners!

hope you had a wonderful weekend...
and to my Mum...
 I love you!
(is my mum cool or what? Just look at her in the mini cooper with
the union jack on top!  hee-hee:)
you are the QUEEN MUM!!!!!


  1. Happy Mum's Day to you also! My oldest calls me "Mum" sometimes and I love it. Hope you are feeling much better this week. I know I feel like a princess and the Queen of my own little world! hugs, Linda

  2. A Happy belated Mum's Day to you too, my friend. I hope all is well. Miss chatting with you!

    God's blessings,


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