Wednesday, May 18, 2011

little white bench...

guess what i did yesterday?
i tackled my very own re-do project instead of lurking around
BLOGLAND, peeking at everyone else's.

my favorite little store in Naples,
(love that name)
carries Taylor's Tutus and a few other goodies we make,
like glittered shells, teacup candles, sweater pumpkins...
her shop is little so when i kept eyeing this sweet little bench,
the owner finally took pity on me and said
"take's just getting in the way".  
hmmm...tutu's for a bench,
not bud, huh?
so, i got it home and the color of the fabric cushion was NOT right for me.
it was a gold color that would have probably worked
but i'm big into the cream and whites so...
 i ripped it up, recovered it and
 a perfect little sitting area with my new shabby white bench,
paris pillows, cute signs, my most FAVORITE vintage find...
a gumball machine...
vintage luggage.  
two of the pieces were done but I had to paint one more to complete the look.
got old luggage around the house?
grab some spray paint and be prepared to go CRAZY:)
and don't ever pass them by at the fleas.
they make great storage...
ours hold Miss T's MANY  worn and tattered
this little nook cost me about $20 because I had everything
except the fabric, spray paint and one pillow for $7 at Joann's.
use what you have, right?
even worn out shoes:)
and last but not least, my "subway art".
i am IN LOVE with subway art!!!!!
 maybe one day i'll make my own...
there are some great tutorials out there...
but for now, i cheated and found a few at Home Goods
 and because they were at Home KNOW the price was right!!!
love that store:)

next project...MERMAIDS!
yep...found these cuties at Tj Maxx.
i'm just deciding whether i want to embellish them with pearly vintage BUTTONS
or vintage jewels.
i'm thinking tiny JEWELS...
you know, mermaids...treasures...
we'll see!

oh more thing i LOVE today...
this COOL frame i found in Sarasota, Fl
while shopping at St. Armand's Circle with my Mum, Sis and
that's it...short and SWEET today!
(well, short for me anyway:)
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  1. Wow Suzanne!!!!!!!LOVE it all!!!You have been so busy whipping up some great redos. Looks fabulous:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I am drooling over that bench my friend, you did a beautiful job! Love everything you have here, including the luggage...what a great idea to paint it!

    Praying that all is well with you.

    God's blessings,

  3. Your bench is so dreamy! I really want a gumball machine just like that. And the point shoes-heaven!!


  4. The bench turned out great and your little corner looks amazing! I am going to have to do that with some suitcases some day. I can never get white spray paint to cover very well for me. Maybe I need to do more coats. I am loving subway art too and want to make some but I am thinking it might take a while to do the lettering! It will be a labor of love!

  5. L*O*V*E your bench!!! It's fabulous!!!!

  6. So happy I stopped by...I love your blog and all your wonderful whites!

  7. Pretty pictures. Love that bench. That's alot of shoes.
    Here is my email address When you are coming to Columbus send me an email and I will let you know if there is something going on that I know of.

  8. Me again. I need your address. I need to send your Fremch bottle cap magnets. I am so slow sometimes. Please send it to my email. Have a nice week-end.


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