Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Coffee Mom's Devotional

Don't you love the sound of that? A devotional for us coffee-loving moms. Perfect!!! This is the title of the devotional book I am reading, by Celeste Palermo.

I wasn't sent this book and asked to do a review. If I had been, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it, I'm ashamed to admit. This one I found on my own while browsing around the bookstore and I LOVE it!
Celeste is the mother of 2 young girls but it would be good for anyone who is juggling a lot in life...and your "to-do" list has gotten out of control. This book has 30 devotionals in it and has biblical references as well as real-life moments, usually involving the quest for your cup of coffee, which I love.
My ability to focus for long on ANYTHING seems to be forever gone, if I ever had that gift in the first place. I've been to ladies devotionals at church that were so long and felt like a college class, with workbooks, homework..and I don't mean just encouraging you to study a little every day. Then when you get to the bible study, they call on people to give answers to homework that was not easy in the first place and they CHECK to see if you completed it. Yikes!!!!! I'm sorry but something is very wrong with that. I freaked out with this when I was a kid in school and back then I probably had the right answers. Bible studies shouldn't be intimidating places, which is why I love this book.
Finally, I found a devotional book I can read with my morning coffee and it is so meaningful to me. Today's topic was "A Cup of Rest". I needed that one. Tomorrow is "A Cup of Grace"...need that one too:-)
Anyway, like I said, this is not a product review and giveaway. I just wanted to pass on something I really like for a change in case anyone out there is just like me.
I have to go now. I've finished my morning coffee devotional and now I need to finish my coffee while I answer a few emails, check blogs...you know the drill:-)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wishing you a fantastic and
    unbelievably incredible Tuesday!

  2. i agree - no tests on the bible :) TFS

  3. this devotional sounds like my cup of coffee. :)


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