Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Something to Look Forward to...

I have been so lazy with my blog and even lazier about visiting my online buddies. (Actually, I have been reading yours...I've just been bad about commenting and answering comments.) For that, I am so sorry and I promise to stop by and visit everyone soon. I guess like everyone else, summer is here and my "want to do" list is very long:-)

Anyway, as you can probably tell by my blog name, I am crazy about Shabby Chic. Rachel Ashwell is without a doubt my lifestyle/decorating hero!!! And the "something to look forward to" that I mentioned is...

the NEW Shabby Chic book which is coming out in the Fall. I can't wait!!!!!!!


  1. That's funny...I didn't know your blog was named after something specific. Too cute, looks like a fun book, I might have to check it out!

    Glad to see you back Suzanne, but equally glad you are enjoying your summer and haven't had time to blog!

  2. I love shabby chic too, so soft and pretty.
    Don't worry, I have been slacking too. You just get busy a lot more for some reason in the summertime. Hope your having a nice summer!

  3. I also love shabby chic... Hey come on over to my blog anytime, I would love to see you there...

  4. Hi Suzanne! Of course I want to read your long, rambling e-mail! I'll have to check my e-mail settings on my profile maybe, if it's not working.

    Anyway, my e-mail is trudytilseth@yahoo.com!

  5. Beyond a bummer that her stores have closed. I'll look forward to the new book.


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