Friday, July 24, 2009


Ummmm...yes, I think I did. I have been so screwed up all week. First I thought Wed, was July 25, then I thought today was...what is happening to me??? Okay, once and for all...Christmas in July blog hop is Saturday, July 25.

And did any of you try to tune into QVC last night looking for Christmas in July? Oops again! It starts at midnight on the 25th so if you stay up late tonight, you can see the beginning. But who's going to do that??????? Why start then? I'll just have to catch it on Saturday. I mean, it isn't as if I ever really buy anything, it's just fun feeling a bit festive and it give me hope that the summer heat will eventually leave this place:-) Now if only I had hope that I could actually figure out how to use a calender, I would be all set! hahaha

See you tomorrow, for sure, for Christmas in July! There's still time to join us...just visit Maggi's blog and sign up for yourself.

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