Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Really Random Tuesday Thoughts...


Okay, I thought I might give it a try this week. You would think I would be very good at Random Tuesdays, since my thoughts are ALL random these days. Here goes nothing...

I need a good sugar cookie cut-out recipe. You would think I would have settled on one since we make cut-outs for every possible holiday, but not me. With Christmas in July coming, I'm desperate and if I don't get some ideas here, I'll have to keep posting and begging until I do:-) They need to be firm enough to cut-out and hold their shape without getting larger with baking, but not dry and overly crunchy. I also like them soft enough to bite/chew but not doughy/chewy. There you go...any tips? Email me at shabbychicks@gmail.com if you have one to share...please!:-)

This weekend I'm going back to Alabama to pick up my girl from her summer dance program. She did FAR better than I expected...and thinks she might like a 4-6 week program next year rather than a 3 week program. I guess I am doing a good job of raising her to be strong, independent, confident and I am happy for all that but why doesn't it make me feel better???:-) Probably because she is starting high school this year and I know that her summer intensives will quickly turn into leaving home for good. Sniff, Sniff:-)

Did you know your vet can call prescriptions into your pharmacy for your dog???? Seriously, I didn't know this. My poor Maui got a short summer haircut, then got a nasty mosquito bite on his back that he scratched...and scratched...and scratched. The vet called his antibiotic into the Publix Pharmacy that I use. I went in and asked for a RX for me...suzanne...and she said she didn't have anything but there was a med called in for Maui D. Hahahaha...am I the only one who finds that funny? Glad his name wasn't "Stinky" or anything like that!!!

Speaking of haircuts, I'm getting one today. My 3rd time with the same girl. Whoo-hoo...a record. Hope she just chops it up the way I like it!

Quickie random stuff:
I think I could live on watermelon in the summer.
If I find seaglass on the beach I yell out "this is a GREAT day at the beach".
I love quotes and inspirational sayings.
I could easily give up meat if I knew I could have BBQ once in awhile.
I call my husband a "hotel snob" but since I have had to stay in so many crappy ones this summer, I realize I am too:-).
I'm wondering how long you should keep looking for the "right" church, one that fits, before giving up and settling into one and making it work.
I could easily eat pizza every night of the week.
I am so bored with Florida these days but my husband loves it and he's the one with the job so... I get bored easily though:-)
Maybe I just need to paint my house...that used to help me in the past.
I know where we live is a good place to raise children but I still feel as if there is a big world out there and I would have love them to experience another area, even for a few years.
How on earth did I get a ballet dancer for a daughter???
I was such a tomboy and now my life is all about pink, tulle, lace and pearls...but I love it!
Jordie (my 12 year old) needs more of my attention. She seems so old that I forget she is only 12 and while she says she loves watching cooking and decorating shows with me, maybe she would rather swim or play wii...

Okay, sorry about the long list. The thing about random thoughts is they are so...random...and once you get going, they just run right into each other. Don't forget about that sugar cookie recipe, please!

For more random thoughts, stop by Keely's and see what everyone else is randomly thinking today.

Hugs, Suzanne


  1. Yay...I'm so glad you jumped on the random thoughts wagon! It's lots of fun, huh?

    I need a haircut really bad but I've been putting it off because I just don't know what to do yet. I'm feeling the urge to cut a LOT of it off and donate my hair to Locks of Love. Hmmm, don't know what style to go with though.

    I have a good cutout recipe for you, but I'll have to send it tonight when I get home because it's not with me. I hope it works for you!

    I hope you find a church soon. Pray lots about it if you haven't been (I will too) and God will let you know when you're in the right place! He's pretty good like that.

    Have a great day!

  2. Must be nice to have a little girl....I would like to try that for a change instead of having to listen to my son babble on about video games and Transformers and Bakugan. lol...

  3. Pizza and watermelon, I see NOTHING wrong with that diet.

    and OOOOO seaglass! I'm jealous!

  4. I was just looking for a soft sugar cookie recipe lastnight. Let me know if you find one.

  5. I have two girls, one who I sure will be a total priss when she is older and the other who is a total tomboy. Best of both worlds in my book!

  6. Hi Suzanne. I have a wonderful recipe that I use to make my cut-outs which I have posted pics of along the way. Cookies always hold their shape and do not puff up. I would be glad to share if you don't have a recipe yet. Let me know. I also sent you a note in the snail mail yesterday.

  7. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Looks like fun so far...

  8. Oh I could totally live off of watermelon in the summer too!!

  9. I love this random thoughts thing, I might give it a go!!!


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