Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday Traditions...

Birthdays are big at our house.
If you don't want anyone fussing over your big day,
you probably want to avoid us.

Ever since my girls were little, we've had some traditions that we do every year.
I remember thinking they wouldn't last but they did...and I love it!
My girls know that as they get older,
we will still celebrate this way.
They might come home from college
and have a spongebob theme party...who knows?
Who cares?
It's a birthday...once a year and all that.

Most of these are silly little things
but put them all together
and they equal one big special memory.
This is not to say you have to do these things, just thought I'd pass on a few things that make birthdays special at our house.

Our Traditions:

~Decorate! Pick a theme too, even for the family party.
It makes decorating so much easier and it also makes for a fun day. We usually do this after they go to bed so they wake up to their birthday decorations.

Someday I'm going to do a post on all of the birthday party themes we have done so I'll save you this time but trust me, pick a theme.
It could be as simple as a color but it just makes it all come together.
And the Birthday Cake blow-up always comes out:-)

~Decorate some their bedroom. Every night after they fall asleep, the Birthday Fairy sneaks in their room, leaving balloons all over the floor and ribbons or crepe paper strung around. This fairy then writes on the bedroom or closet mirror a birthday message lipstick:-)

~Breakfast in bed. Always. I know, with school that's tough
but it starts the day off great! On the tray, include a few tiny gifts.

This year Taylor got a magazine, gum and mints. Sometimes it might be nail polish, a silly straw...any little thing.

~Bring out some special things about that person.
We always scatter photos of the birthday girl around the house
as part of the decorations and if you notice
in the photo of the presents, there is a container that says "Baby".
Taylor received flowers in that when she was born.
(Note to a few things like that:-)

~Birthday messages... If you read my blog you know I love chalkboards.
There is always a birthday message written on it.
When my girls were younger and walked to school,
the chalkboard would be out on our big front porch to
welcome them home.

~The Birthday girl (or boy) chooses their favorite foods for their meals. might mean pink pancakes or pink mashed potatoes but go for it!
This goes for the cake,'s theirs so if they want
a purple cake with green or pink frosting, that's what they get.
We never worried if anyone else would
want it's cake...close your eyes and eat it it already:-)
(And yes, ours were almost always pink
unless we bought a Barbie cake and oh yeah
...those were pink too:-)

~Serve their meals on cute birthday plates and we always include birthday hats.
My girls got a special frou-frou hat when they were born
that they still have, although I don't always make them wear it these days.
We also have a red "You are special plate" that they eat on for special occasions,
like their birthday or a good report card...
Even my husband gets the special plate...but only if he behaves!

~It's their day.
Make it special.
That means no errands or other boring things that take up our time
and that most kids hate doing anyway.
Some days we did a bunch of fun little activities and other birthdays,
we stayed in jammies and watched their favorite shows all day:-)
Have my girls ever skipped school on their birthday???
But they are good students and didn't miss a lot.
Hey...many adults take the day off work on their birthday so...
Anyway, they usually wanted to go and celebrate with their friends.
But if they're home and their idea of a fabulous birthday is playing Barbies...
Go for it!

~Special restaurants. We had a restaurant that gave you a
pie in your face on your birthday.
Somehow, even though you knew it was coming,
you let your guard down while eating and it always came when you least
expected it.
Kids love this so even if you hate the food...go for it:-)

~Yes, of course the dog gets a birthday.
What did you think...I could leave my boys out????

Obviously, we will do anything for some birthday cake!!! hahaha

Well, I've probably bored you enough so I'll stop there.
Let me know if you have any special traditions.
I would love to pass them on to my readers.
Have a great day and stay warm!!!!!!!


  1. You are so fun!!! I'll bet anything that your kids will carry on this tradition with their own kids one day!

    That was a lot of fun to read. :)

  2. What a fun post! I am a big believer in traditions. Birthdays were always a big deal while I was growing up. On the other hand, my husband didn't get to experience this, as his birthday is on Christmas day. I always make a big tah-do with my kid's birthday. Always the homemade icebox cake with the waffers and homemade whipped cream, they request it every year. Small wrapped gifts, and what ever they want for dinner. But nothing compared to what you do!! You go all out and I know they just love it!! I'm sure they will cherish these memories through out their lifetime.

  3. Hey! We domost of those things too! Filling their room with balloons is the best!! My daughter gets a birthday week of special dinners. The idea of the pictures is a really good one.

    Apart from you, I do not know anyone who does these things - sad, isn't it?

  4. When my kids wake up on their bdays they are greeted by a 7x7 scrapbook album titled "When "their name" was "the age they are leaving behind"...

    We party hard! We always have a themed party and I love paying attention to every little detail. So fun!

  5. Suzanne, those are wonderful ideas! My youngest son is turning 5 next week and we've already been talking about visiting a restaurant. I've never heard one that does a pie in the face, though. That's wild!

    Thank you for the lovely inspiration. : )

  6. Oh my goodness - that was such a fun post to read - I had to show my husband!!! I've never been so creative - but you inspired me! Both of my kids have birthdays in the spring - I need to save this post and come back to it!

    Thank you for this post!

  7. How fabulous and so much like you. Please put June 17 on your calendar and expect a visitor. ;)

  8. Oh this sounds so wonderful! Your girls are lucky indeed to have such a Mom to fuss over them and make them feel so special!


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