Monday, January 11, 2010

Brrrr...from ICY Florida

How lame...writing about the weather.
I mean, short of a hurricane, why bother?
I know the rest of the country thinks we are cold weather wimps.
It doesn't take much to freeze us.
31 degrees with a windchill in the 20's does the trick!

I am well aware that the unrelenting hot and humid
months are right around the corner so I will not complain.
I grew up in Michigan. I know cold weather.
We just don't have the right clothes.
Flip flops do not work in 30 degree weather.

Oh my gosh...
I forgot how great a warm shower is on a cold morning...
and feeling like you are shaving off goose bumps!!!
And sleeping in layers under a down comforter...
complete with socks and gloves.

The good news...
lots of comfort food.
Beef stew, chili, hot chicken sandwiches w/ mashed potatoes & gravy...
I know...what's the big deal???
See for yourself...

I bet it took all of the "snow" in the yard to make one snowball...

or this mini snowman.
But we don't miss the chance to try!

Yes...this is a palm tree...with snow!

These photos do not bode well for prices of strawberries and O.J this year...

Possibly the best gift we got this Christmas:-)

No...It is NOT flip-flop weather!

If you're lucky enough to have a bit of ice on your windshield in Florida,
you just HAVE to write in it and take a picture!!!:-)

Okay people, it's 20 degrees in Jacksonvile...DO NOT GO TO THE BEACH!

Even my boys have to stay warm.
Maui loves wearing his Florida sweatshirt
(for Jordie) and his Bama sweatshirt (for Taylor)

and Freddy...he stays cuddled up in a blanket with his toys.

Well, I'm off for a walk with the boys
around the neighborhood in my 31 degree weather.
But it is sunny...
and I hear it might get to 76 later this week.
Don't hate me!!!:-)


  1. A nice change of pace for all you Floridians, minus the freezing produce part.
    Yes, finally, this week it's warming back up here in Atlanta too! We may even try to golf on Friday, hooray!
    BTW... love, love, love your new background and header. Seems like all of us have been playing around and changing things up lately. Staying indoors does that to you!

  2. I'm sorry you guys are cold, honestly. We are looking forward to a high of 30 later this week! I think the snow looks very pretty, although odd, in the palm trees!

    And your writing in the first I thought it said 'Grrrr', LOL!

    Hope things warm up quickly for you all so you can get those flip flops back out!


  3. Sounds like I need to start stocking up on oranges and orange juice now!

    20 degrees in Florida. Wow. Weather sure has been cooler than normal the past 15 months!

  4. I hear you! I FROZE this weekend over here in Port St. Lucie! No snow though:( Those people look hilarious on the beach. Happy New Year to you!

  5. so fun to play in a little snow :D

  6. Do they sell coats, hats and scarves in Florida? lol

  7. That little snowman is precious!

    You do know, that I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you. I'm trying...but it's hard. ;)

  8. I live in Washington State and we still have not gotten any snow in the lowlands. I am so envious, I do not envy the cold though. We had our own cold patch last month, it got down to about 9 degrees at night which was a record, I don't ever remember it getting that cold here. When it warmed up to 40 during the day it felt positively balmy! I don't expect to hit anywhere near the 70's for a few months yet.

    The poor fruits though, I suppose this means we'll be paying through the nose now for them, as if they aren't expensive enough. Enjoy your snow while it lasts and enjoy the sunshine when it comes back!

  9. Hey Suzanne; I know how you are feeling,,, It is hard to believe that it snowed in Fl... I know it does get cold some times,,, but snow!.. Here we are having some very cold weather,no snow but brrrrrrr.. your snowman is so cute and the doggies are adorable.... have a warm week..


  10. Wow, you actually had snow! I am jealous but I am with you in being happy it is warming up again soon. I thought I would freeze to death :)

  11. I live in Minnesota and that is how I feel about when the weather gets warm in the winter!

    This weekend it is going to be 29 and I am so excited!!! It is a heat wave! I think we will be going to the dog park.

  12. Freddy looks so cute!! They both are adorable. I know it is cold in Fla. Friends of ours live in Tampa, and said it was 27 the other day. Now that is cold! I can't believe there was snow too. We are coming to Naples in Feb. so it better warm up!
    I did see it was heading into the 70's this weekend, good luck!

  13. Could hardly believe what weather you all are getting down there!!

    I'm following your blog...I hope you check mine out too:)

  14. I heard it was cold, but seeing the pictures ~ Wow. We are around 20 degrees in Michigan, maybe a tad colder. I can't believe it is like that in Florida & snow, oh my!

    Love all the fun pictures, might as well take advantage of the weather!

  15. wow, the snow + cold is crazy! i live in boston, so i'm used to it. but i can only imagine! stay warm :)


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