Friday, January 29, 2010

"Mom, What is She Wearing?"

This is what my 12 year old daughter asked me last night while we were at a restaurant for dinner.
I looked at the woman she was referring to.
She was wearing a loose sleeveless shift style dress in shades of purple
with black pantyhose and black pumps.
While I think she could have done better, I didn't see anything totally "weird"
...but my daughter did.
She then asked what was with the black tights "or whatever they are" on her legs.
I said they were black pantyhose...not exactly the right shade in my opinion...
but who asked:-)
She said..."Mom, they look ridiculous.
They don't match her white arms and they just look so fake."

Hmmm...clearly this is a Florida native through and through
and clearly her mom does not wake up and dress for the office every morning.
She's right...I do not wear them.
If I have a dress on it is with tan legs (thanks to a daily bronzer or very sheer nude pantyhose, which I admit is extremely rare, like not even once/year.)
So then I started wondering if women really do still wear these.
I read that our First lady does not wear pantyhose.

I agree that they might be more professional in some settings.
But this girl of mine, who is very bright and fairly up on fashion for her age, was completely freaked out by this look.
Her thinking was that if your arms show, they should match your leg.
If you are wearing a business suit or long sleeves and want black pantyhose,
that might be okay. "But not in Florida":-)

So there you have it...
a blog post on pantyhose.
Do you wear them?
Are they "in" where you live?
Would you wear them with the little black dress?
Do tell...

(I think I prefer this look.)

And lastly, I am so sorry for being an absent blogger.
A little problem with my eye...which made looking at a bright computer screen difficult,
and my identity...which has been so much fun sorting out,
and a general lack of inspiration.
So happy I finally got black pantyhose. hahaha


  1. Your daughter is causing all kinds of new and interesting trains of thought here!

    I do like the natural look of a leg, however I'm a ghostly pale Caspar-ish shade of white, and sometimes that is just not what anyone should ever see,so panty hose helps to cover up the scariness of me.

  2. I think it's b/c where you live is so hot. I wear pantyhose when it's colder out, or at a formal function, for the warmth and the dress up factor.
    But yes, I agree, if your "white" arms are showing (ie. cocktail dress) then a nude stocking would be a better choice. In a suit or long sleeved darker outfit, go for it!

  3. I will wear nude pantyhose in the winter months or cute tights with boots.

    I don't like the look of black pantyhose though. UGH!

  4. Hi, welcome back! I too am not that fond of black, unless they art tights. When at all possible I love the bare leg look, but if I have to it is either nude or tan. a lot of the "older" women I work wear the a lot.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Kids are absolutely amazing with their observations. We never thought that white arms and black legs was a fashion faux pas, but it is as your smart kid points out!
    My 10-year-old too stumped me when he asked: 'In James Cameron's Avatar, they never show what the Navis eat. How do they sustain themselves?'
    Wish we had their power of observation!
    Enjoyed reading 'pantyhose' blog. looking fwd to your next

  6. The only time I wear black stockings/tights is when I'm wearing all black...skirt/sweater/long-sleeve dress or suit. Otherwise, my stockings are nude/sheer.

  7. I avoid them at all costs!!! lol But my daughter is very much into fashion too. She has worn black hose with a little black dress. But I must say she is tall gorgeous olive skinned and beautiful and she can definitely pull it off. Mostly she wears no panty hose in the summer though.

    I wanted to say thank you for my goodies Secret Santa!!! Sorry I am just now hoping over I have had a break in blogging too. Hop over I have a post especially for you!!


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