Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday Wishes for my Birthday Girl

Today is January little girl's birthday.
Except she is turning 15 and is not so little anymore.
She is in high school now.
Practicing ballet furiously in hopes of becoming a dancer.
Doing pirouettes down the hall,
as she has done since she was three.
All while keeping her many other options open.
She's a dreamer...I love that about her.

She will be learning to drive this year.
Then the independent years will truly begin.
Be safe and be smart and as you leave for places near and far,
remember that all roads lead home.

Taylor has always been curious.
Telling her not to touch something was a sure-fire way to get her to touch it
Once, her sister Jordan made a mermaid from clay at an art class
that she was very proud of.
She took it to show and tell and discovered that the tail fin was attached with bubblegum.
Clearly Taylor had gotten to the mermaid and cover her tracks.
That's our Taylor!:-)
Yes, she was a curious child. She is still curious.
She also has an amazing sense of adventure.
Keep some of that curiosity and sense of adventure with you always.

At heart, Taylor is a pleaser.
She wants nothing more than to make the people in her life happy,
including me.
(Lucky me)
I hope you always think of others and take good care of their feelings.
But remember that you have the right to be happy, too:-)

I have jokingly said more than once that when I grow up,
I want to be the kind of person my Taylor is.
She isn't perfect...who is?
But in the things that count, she's close.
She loves God.
She loves her little sister.
And she knows how to be a good friend,
how to be gracious, kind
and unselfish.
She loves to laugh and is always
That is what I see...
And that is the first thing people tell me.

Taylor is an original.
She loves vintage...anything!
Her favorite gift has been her grandmother's wedding dress.
She loves new clothes as much as anyone but really loves them if they look vintage.
Which explains her love for Anthropologie and vintage shops.
She loves old movies, musicals, Broadway shows
cameos, lockets, pearls, charm bracelets,
ruffles, lace and gorgeous buttons,
aprons, old cookbooks and afternoon tea,
knitting and the ballet.
A night out for her and her friends, after dancing 6 days a week...
is to go to the ballet.
As a mom...I love that!

Taylor, there will be many people who will try to change you,
to make you more like them.
More like everyone else.
Your job is to be yourself.
You know who you are.
You know what you believe.
You know what is right.
You know what you dream.
The ones who truly love you will never try to change you.
You're special just the way you are.

On your birthday, I wish you more joy and laughter than you can handle,
hugs and kisses,
dreams to look forward to
and wishes that come true!
Happy 15th Birthday to my sweet Taylor!


  1. Happy Birthday, Taylor! You sound like a really lovely girl!

  2. What an awesome post for her birthday. Happy Birthday Taylor!

  3. A beautiful post for a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Taylor!

    Keep smiling!

  4. what a sweet post for your gorgeous birthday girl!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!
    What beautiful young woman you have! What a great post for her!
    Have a great week, and hope your having a Happy New Year so far!
    P.S. Your dog is adorable too!!

  6. Taylor is just beautiful! Happy birthday to her and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. Happy Birthday
    Taylor! Love her pics! Both your girls are beautiful! Using today to play catch up on some blogs that I have visited in a while since my blog is giving me fits!
    However, your is looking real good!
    Happy New Year & much blessings !

  8. She is soooooo beautiful! I'm sure she had a wonderful day:)


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