Monday, December 28, 2009

Secret Santa Surprise

Amid all of the busyness and wonder of the season, I received a package in the mail from my Secret Santa. Kind of like a secret pal but at Christmas. It was so much fun. I remember when I was younger and had a secret pal from my youth group, trying to think of little ways to surprise them...
Anyway, we had some mix-ups with our deliveries around our little area but my package finally made it where it me:-)

Just look at my goodies...

2 candles, which I in pink which is my favorite color and the other a handmade soy candle, maybe made by my secret santa??? Both are amazing!

Yada Yada Prayer group books which I have been told by many are a wonderful read and right up my alley:-)

A pretty cross and bracelet...again in my favorite colors.

A picture frame that has a beautiful message on it about family and is exactly like something I would pick out.

Last but not least, this amazingly beautiful vintage santa ornament, although since it is perfect for me it will be out year round!

Thank you Secret Santa! After all the days I spend being santa around here, it was so nice to have someone out there thinking of me:-) I love it all!

Oops...there were chocolates too but those are long gone:-)



  1. What a wonderful gift! Where did you find a secret Santa pal? I would love to find out so I can do this next year. I think it would be a lot of fun!


  2. What a great way to spread the Christmas spirit:)

  3. Your SS did you well! These swaps are so much fun and I love the ones for Easter too! Happy New Years, Mollye

  4. How nice! What a great secret Santa. I've never heard of the Yada Yada book. I'll have to look it up. The ornament is gorgeous. Vintage Santa's are one of my favorites.
    Have a Happy New Year's.

  5. What a great surprise...glad you enjoyed it all, you deserve it!

    Wow! How cool is it that my word verification was prayer?! I love God.

  6. i love that the chocolates didn't even make it into the picture :D

    great goodies :D

  7. Suzanne, I am glad you liked everything. Happier still, nothing was broken....I was worried!

    Yes, I made the one candle. It is Mandarin Cocoa, I think. You said you liked food scents and it is one of my favorites for this time of year.

    I hope you will enjoy the books. I love that series and was hoping you hadn't read it.

    Be sure and post your link on Georgie's site.

    May you have a very blessed New Year!

    Cheryl ~ The Prairie Maid

  8. Wow.. This is such a wonderful idea. I'd love to do this next year. Meanwhile, here are two awards to make the year-end special . Please accept them at
    Blessings and best wishes.

  9. Your secret Santa hooked you UP! Everything looks so pretty and special. I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year Suzanne!

  10. I have just so enjoyed seeing what everyone has received as much as I enjoyed my own sss gift got some very lovely items

    Happy New Year!!!


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