Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surf's Up...

I know what you're thinking...Surf's Up? Bear with me...it's part of my Christmas decorating tip. But first, this post is not going to be a belated Thanksgiving post, where I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving since I missed doing that. Nor will it be a post that tells you that our Thanksgiving ended up a bit of a bust, with one daughter at her grandparents (that was the good part) and the other sick as a dog. (Who wants to hear that? Besides, it would sound like I am making excuses...again...for neglecting my blog and yours too.) Anyway, my husband still went and served at the hospital while I stayed home with Jordan and made homemade chicken noodle soup and pumpkin milkshakes while watching Christmas movies on the couch. But at least she had this big guy to curl up with on her lap...

yes, a 65 lb lap dog! Okay, does he look like a teddy bear or what?:-)

Anyway, here is my Christmas tip of the day. If you don't have room for a tree or maybe you just aren't up to it this year, throw lights and a few decorations on something else. Jordie usually has a full size white tree in her room but this year she is a bit more crowded, thanks to her ginormous new beanbag chair. Hmmm...what to do... We decided that her surfboard would look amazing with lights and it is awesome!!!!!

Surf's up! She decorated it with tiny ball ornaments, snowflakes and pink pipe cleaner candy canes. Pretty cute, huh? So if you are out of room...or out of ideas...light up something unexpected!

I'm outta here but hopefully I will make it back before another week rolls by:-)


  1. Hope your daughter mends quickly...being sick is no FUN!

    Love the surfboard! I guess my daughter could light up her life size standee Edward from Twilight...lol

  2. Love the surfboard! And how cute is that dog!!

  3. I love the surfboard...how very creative! Hope Jordan is feeling better soon, but meanwhile she does have a great lap dog!

  4. Surf board is cute.Something my son would like too. LOVE your puppy he is so huggable looking.Hope your daughter is feeling better.Hugs,Jen

  5. I am so in love with your doggy/teddy bear I can hardly contain myself!!! If you ever need a doggy-sitter, just let me know. OMGosh! He's too precious...look at how he has his arm up on Jordan's shoulder! My teddy-bear-boy, Spencer, was a 28 lb version of your doggy. He was (and still is, even though he's in Heaven) the doggy-love of my life.
    I do like the surfboard all lit up pretty with Christmas lights. Don't ya just love it when an idea clicks and works?
    Please give your doggy a love from me, k? Thanks!


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