Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love Etsy.
So much that I could spend hours and hours in the shops,
wishing for everything I see.
It has to be the most inspiring place ever for people who love to create.
So with Valentine's Day just a few weeks away,
I thought this would be a perfect time to show you some pretty things I am loving right now, courtesy of the talented sellers on etsy.
Who knows, maybe you'll see a little something for the sweethearts in your life...
or for you!

~~How sweet is this hat from Lilyknitting. It's shown on a doll but if I remember correctly she has them for real live baby dolls:-)


I've always loved these scrabble tile pendants. Tried making them once and realized I should leave this to the experts, like Spoiled Royal Girls. I want one of these...with a pic of my puppies. Bet you thought I would say my girls, huh???:-) I want one of them, too!


~~Then there is this pretty necklace. Seriously, I could be happy having all of my jewelry from talented people like Art of Silver. This one is engraved with the words "Always my Mommy, Now my friend". Sniff, Sniff...very sweet!


Okay, there is very little I love better than pretty chenille fabric...especially when it is made into a pretty chenille bear. Stop by Mamas Zoo and see for yourself.


Are you ready for some very cool, rustic, shabby looking jewelry?
Oh my gosh...Can you see this with a white shirt and a pair of your favorite worn in jeans?
The Brown Eyed Fox really knows what I like:-)


Alrighty then, are you ready for the cutest labels and recipe cards EVER????
Little Beane Boutique also has adorable note cards, invitations and address labels)


I know from personal experience how awesome these pom poms are because my girls have them hanging in their room. They come in every gorgeous color you can imagine, courtesy of
Orange Kisses shop.


Now for the sweetest, prettiest thing I have seen in a long time...and the hat is precious too:-)
This is a knitted Kiss Elf Hat, from Good Golly, Miss Molly.
Miss Molly, I just want to know where you find a baby that cute!!!:-)


And last but not least, look at this precious tutu.
Oh my gosh, it is as sweet as a box of candy hearts.
Oooh...this is embarrassing.
I just realized it is in MY etsy store. hahaha...shameless, I know! least I didn't link to it:-)

Hope I sweetened up your day with some pretty little things from etsy.


  1. loove the tutu..oh, if my daughter was little, her tutus are now big ones!!

  2. Hi there, what cute stuff! I love the Lily knit hats. My niece is due any day now with Peyton. I just might have to get her one.
    I love, love, love chenille! That bear is to die for.
    The cooking labels I ordered last year, and they turned out really nice.
    Hope your doing well. It is freezing here! Can't wait until Spring.

  3. i love those knitted hats and that tutu is delish :D

  4. Thank you for including me in such a beautiful post! I'd love to offer your readers 15% off if they mention your blog at checkout!


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