Friday, February 19, 2010

How Did This Happen?????

How did you go from playing with toy keys...

and driving a Barbie Jeep...

to getting a drivers permit and using real keys and a real car???

This is the question I am asking myself as I prepare to take Taylor to get her learner's permit.
Now the fun begins...
we have to teach her to drive.

I took drivers training in the summer at my high school, with a parking lot driving center and a teacher who had his own brake on the passenger side of the car for when we went on the road.

Not so anymore...
In Florida, you take a 4 hour online safe drivers course, go to the DMV to take a vision and hearing test and you are good to go.

Mom and Dad get to teach you how to drive and we DO NOT have a brake on our side of the car:-)

We have one year to accomplish this. Should be interesting:-)

This is the car that Taylor wants...

So cute isn't it?
So small, too!!!

Here's another version...

at least everyone would know it is her.
(Hey Taylor, you wanted a mini cooper so...)

Now this is the car I want her to have...

A nice, shiny, Hummer!
She can even put a "Life is Good" tire cover on the back...

and tie a tiny pointe shoe to the mirror to customize it.
See...I'm reasonable!

I guess I could bend a little more and let her have a pink one...

or maybe she would like a purple Hummer. hee,hee

Actually, since she is my "green" child, maybe she would like this one...

Why can't she just be content to ride around in the backseat of my Mom Taxi forever...
I's called growing up.
She's handling that just fine...
Me on the other hand...
I still have a lot of growing up to do:-)

Okay Taylor, if you must move on from the Barbie car, promise me you will at least use a Barbie key chain to remind you of your very first car:-)



  1. Just because she's of age doesn't mean she's ready. Our 3rd daughter took her road test at 17, after almost 2 years of "practice". She needed the time to gain confidence, it's scary out there! That was when we felt safe letting her out on the roads alone.
    Oh, and have patience Mom, patience!

  2. Here in CA kids have got to have so many behind the wheel hours and most parents hire an instructor that will teach the basics in their new little VW bugs. We found instruction was always more welcome and constructive from a pro. This is the last phase of control you have over not worrying about them driving on their own because they aren't...yet! Good luck, angel. :) xoxo

  3. Awwww - she's growing up and it's fun to watch it through your eyes! I love the Hummers! My husband sold his - it wasn't practical but it sure is cute and safe :-)!

  4. Oh how exciting....for her! She will be fine, but yes, have patience. They do seem to grow up too fast don't they? I love the purple hummer by the way!

  5. i'd want her to have the hummer too :D

  6. Good luck with that!

  7. Crazy how time flies, isn't it? Best wishes to your daughter with her permit!


  8. We are going to be experiencing this in the next year or so. I think I'm gonna need some valium.


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