Friday, February 5, 2010

It's time to Spread the Lovin'...

Good morning, my shabby friends.
(and you know I mean "shabby" in the best possible way:-)
Today is Feb. 6, which means I am 6 days late in joining in on Brown Eyed Belle's fun "Spread the Lovin" for Valentine's day.

The good news is...there are no rules. You just post about something(s) you love. That's it! Hey...I can do that. I do it all the time! But this time I am going to write about a few new things to give you a break from the usual suspects I ramble on about the rest of the time.

Starting with...Ronda from Stella's Mom. Haven't heard of her? Then head over to her blog right now. Go on...I give you permission to leave mine...that's how much I like her:-)
Chances are I will never meet Ronda...but I would love to!
I believe she is the kind of person who is a true friend in a room full of "friends"...know what I mean?
To me, she is a true blogger. She posts when she wants, about what she wants, regardless of how many followers or readers she has. She does this because she loves least I think she does:-)
I would be soooo happy spending summers in Maine with Ronda...and little Stella of course.
(not fair when I swelter in Florida in the summer)
But only if she cooks for me. You see...this lady can cook!!!
She posts recipes from time to time although she is not technically a cooking blog...kind of like my dad who doesn't say a lot but when he speaks, you should listen.
When she posts a should try it!
So stop by and meet Ronda. Subscribe, you don't miss a recipe. I promise you will not be bombarded with 5 posts a day or giveaway blogs...just a little something when she feels like writing about it.
And her music...awesome! It's playing in the background as I type on MY blog. hahaha
Just to tease you a bit, here is my favorite "Ronda" recipe...Icebox Cake. (Click here for the recipe)

Can you say YUM????

Okay...for your laugh of the day, you have to go visit Blue Violet at A Nut in A Nutshell.
She can blog about ANYTHING and make it funny!!!
She has a bazillion followers (yes...I said bazillion...because she does:-)
and it is no wonder!
She has updates on all kinds of cool stuff happening and being given away but that's not why she is so popular.
She is just so dang funny...and despite her saying she doesn't, she always finds time to stop by and replies to comments.
She recently wrote a post titled "My Secret Shame". I had tears rolling down my face as I laughed. Maybe it's because I could relate. Well...almost...but she had me beat. (hee, hee.) She is one of a kind, you'll see for yourself. Maybe I loved this post because I had my own "secret shame"...MJ, Donny O. and David Cassidy. Magnum P.I, could I forget??? But hers take the cake! So start your day off with a laugh and read this post now...that's an order:-)

Okay, enough for some quickies.
Are these earring the cutest thing, or what?
I don't care what anyone says, I would wear these. I might be alone because my family would not be with me when I did...but I'd still wear them! Love Barbie...

Jordie got a guitar for Christmas. The other day, I came across this one on the internet. I don't remember where but the dad it belongs to lets his kids doodle on it. How cool is this??? I suppose a guitar aficionado would be appalled but I say go for it! I want Jordie to write and paint on awesome would that look in her room...and the little stories it would tell forever. I'm probably the only mom who buys her daughter a guitar and tells her to paint on it, I know. But go ahead and do it, Jordie!!!:-)

Remember these cute little Knitted Kisses Elf Hats I wrote about the other day?

Well, Miss Molly, the talented lady who makes these, saw my blog post and is offering my blog readers 15% off if you visit her etsy shop and mention you saw them on my blog.
How sweet is that! Thank you Miss Molly.
Head over to Good Golly, Miss Molly's shop to get your cute little hats.
She knows how to "spread the lovin".

Love this next one...
If a picture is worth a thousand words...than this waiter/waitress probably did not get a tip:-)

How funny! Been there before...but didn't think of this one:-)

Well, that's it for now folks!
Check back though because there are 8 days left before Valentine's day so I get to post about more things I love.
Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. What a fun idea! I'm looking forward to learning more about the things you love.

    And heading over to read the other blogs now (although I already follow two of them!).

    God bless my friend!

  2. Oh My Gosh! Thank-you so much for your kind words!! You are such a sweetheart. I have been shoveling snow non-stop today, and my back has just about had it!
    I do hope we can meet one day. Aren't you near or around Naples? We go there every year. I chose not to go this weekend, but my lucky husband is down there visiting a friend for the Superbowl. He wanted me to go, but I'm just not summer ready at the moment. Plus my niece is ready to deliver a baby in Kansas City, and I will go visit her and the baby soon.
    Again, thank-you! You truly do spread the love!!

  3. You are just sweet goodness, my dear friend Suzanne!!! I am so touched by your kind words about me and my blog. I'm not worthy of the accolades, but I adore you and it means so much to me that you enjoy my crazy place! ;)

    Love you!

  4. are a sweet friend..

    reconnecting with you via follower club MBC after a blog break.

  5. Happy Monday Suzanne Sweetie...
    I so love this post. Jordie should paint something on her guitar. How cute would that be. Like you said someday it will be something to talk to her kids about. The pic of her playing is priceless.

    I too love the Barbie earrings. I would wear them. We could put them on with our pinks and go do a girl day. How fun would that be? Love it.

    Thank you for sharing as always. I so love it when you do. Thank you also for stopping by and being my Valentine.

    Have a beautiful Monday sweetie. Country hugs and so much love. Your Valentine...Sherry

  6. Love your blog! Just came over from MBC.

  7. Your blog is awesome! I am off to check out the other blogs you mentioned!!!

  8. You are so sweet! Thank you again:) Happy Valentine's Day and keep on spreading that love around!


  9. I can say Yum Yum. Just pack that cake up and ship it right over...


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