Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Green" Wednesday...

Are you a big St. Patrick's Day person?

I'm not really, but growing up,
my kids loved it.
Must be the fun green beads, class parties, cute leprechauns... and our day of green food!

So let's take a stroll down green memory lane.

Every St. Patrick's Day was filled with yummy green things to eat...

Starting with green shamrock pancakes for breakfast with green milk.

Lunch was green shamrock sandwiches, green grapes, green celery sticks
and a green cupcake treat.
(I used to buy green bread from the grocery store.

These days I can probably look in the pantry
and find some ready made green bread.
I wish I were kidding... :-)

Shamrock cookies were always sent in for the class...

I know, I know...sugar, sugar!
(Relax, it's a Holiday...
teeth don't fall out in one day:-)

And since I needed something green for the parent pick-up line...

what better than a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's!!!!
Even Mommy needs a treat once in awhile!

Dinner has always been roasted chicken with green mashed potatoes, peas, green jello and whatever else we could think of.

Bedtime chip ice cream.
(okay...not for me. I aleady had my shake:-)
P.S. Mint chip ice cream makes GREAT milk shakes or blizzards!

If you feel ambitious, try these Shamrock Pops from
My Little Cupcake Blog.

And don't these look good?

Just whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough
and throw in some green m & m's.

Too much work?
Well, you can always serve one of my
favorite year-round
treats that work especially good for St. Patrick's Day...


Good ol' Lucky Charms Cereal!!!

Mmmmm...makes me want a bowl right now.

Except I would probably open the box to find the marshmallows
have been eaten out of it.

They say what goes around comes around...

I was once the marshmallow thief...
and I have managed to raise 2 of my own to carry on the tradition:-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. Yummy!
    Happy St Patrick's Day.

    Great post.

  2. love all the green, especially the sweets! Happy SP day back at ya!

  3. Great ideas! I have never gotten too decked out in the food department but I am wearing a green scarf and my jade earrings today! Does that count, LOL!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have one of those shamrock shacks for Bubby and I!


  4. Happy St. Patricks day! All that food looks yummy! I was a marshmallow thief also.

  5. that green bread does NOT look good LOL, but the rest of it does :D

  6. Love the green goodies, especially the sweets. :) I have to tell you, your blog header is one of my favorites. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  7. That is the cutest post.. just stopped by to see very nice blog you have.. glad I did have a great weekend!!

  8. Wow.. That was a real yum post!! Made me hungry.. Hope you had a great weekend!!

  9. I have an award for you


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