Friday, March 12, 2010

Sanity Projects...

Yes...sanity projects...
as in "if I don't stay busy this month, I'll go crazy."

The only problem is that in my rush to do something,
I forgot to take "before" pictures:-)

Can't think of everything, right?

Okay, the first sanity project was actually done at the end of Feb.
but since I haven't shown it yet, here you go...

Jordie had a loft/bunk bed...very cool...but she was ready for a regular bed.

Thanks to Google, she found exactly what she wanted...
and the price was sooooo right!!!

Only was black...
and she wanted cream.

So once again, we open the box to a brand new bed...
and paint it before it ever gets in the house.

Will I ever learn?


Sanity Project #2...
if I have to stay in this house...
(and don't get me wrong, it's a nice house)
then I have to somehow bring it around
to the shabby,flea marketish, white look that I love.

First verandah/balcony.
The furniture was brown with turquoise cushions
but thanks to paint (and plenty of help from Miss J)
it is now antique white.

I had a chest that I painted aqua and it is now the coffee table.
A few new cushions and voila...

As my handy assistant said while painting...
"Mom...I'll always remember doing projects like this with you.
Some people would go buy new furniture but we repaint furniture that we love
and it's just like new"

That's my girl!
Someday her husband will thank me for making her so thrifty...
I think.

Unless he's like mine and wants to know why we always
have projects going on and I can't park my car in the garage.
He just doesn't get it!!!


Project #3
I was at a thrift store recently and found a great oval frame
with a tacky poster-like print in it.

The frame was brown-ish...
if that's what you call it.

Basically it was UGLY.
But it was dirt cheap.

So I bought it...
Removed the print.
Painted it cream.
Stapled a piece of screen to the back.
And Taylor now has a new jewelry holder!!!


Project #4...
Spring Tutu's.
We needed to add a few to our shop...
they turned out pretty cute, at least we think so:-)
And they do add to the decor, don't you think?

But more on these pretties tomorrow!


I'm hoping to find some "me" time today.
A few moments to relax and read one of my favorite magazines.

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Flea Market Finds!!!


Last but not least,
my sweet Maui,
or as we now call him "Sneezy".
would like to thank you
for your kind words and advice on his sneezing problem.

He sems a little better during the day and last night
was almost his same mischeivous self...
but he's not eating much...
and believe me, this guy can eat...
so we are off to the vet today!

Hope your Friday is wonderful!
See you tomorrow for Pink Saturday!


  1. Wow! It all looks amazing!!! What a talent you have!

    We are in our new home and decorating sits before me - I have a few rooms I don't know WHAT to do with! I'm scouring magazines and will figure it out soon.

    Thank you for sharing your handy work with us!!!

  2. I love seeing your projects...they are always so pretty and girlie!

  3. Oh Suzanne!
    I adored this post!
    Loved that sweet sweet sweet picture of Mr. Maui! xxooxx
    I know your daughter LUVS her new bed! I love anything with white twinkling lights....I spotted that surf board wrapped in white twinkling lights and had to grin! Everything looks so SHABBY!!! yeah!
    And the painted frame...
    with the screen...
    as a jewelry hanger...just fab!
    And don't EVEN get me started on those ADORABLE tutus!!!!!!
    Oh so scrumptious!

  4. thrifty is good but the part i like best is your daughter telling you that she'd remember it always - priceless :D

  5. All your projects turned out fabulous! I love the pattern on the cushions you found for the wicker furniture. And those tutu's...just adorable!
    My latest project is ~ 8lbs 9oz at the moment and requires lots of holding and rocking ;-)

  6. The projects are awesome but you really need to post those before pictures so we can appreciate just how incredibly talented you all are!

    Sorry to hear Maui isn't feeling well, hope the appointment goes well.

    God bless my friend...have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh, where do I start? The bed is perfect!
    Your pourch is beautiful, you did such a great job! It is unbelieveable what a paint job can do. And your cushions are the perfect touch! I love the surf board too. So beachy!
    I don't even know what to say about your tutu's. Do you make them for infants? I would love one for my new grand niece.
    And last but not least, how is poor Maui doing? He is so cute. What did the vet say?
    Have a great weekend :)

  8. Hi Suzanne; I just love to see all of your wonderful projects. You come up with the most cleaver ways to redo things..... the jewelry holder frame is so pretty will have to remember that one....hehe and the bed is so gorgeous I like how she wrapped the tiny lights around the top,,, oh and your wicker set,,,, beautiful... have a great weekend.


  9. Thank you for sharing your handy work with us!!!
    work at home in india

  10. OMG Beautiful tutus! I wish I was getting married (or had kiddies)because they're pretty enough for even me to wear! (If I could fit into them), but definitely my flower girl!

    Good luck with them!!


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