Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I Could Be Made Into...

...anything or anyone else, who would it be?

Interesting, huh?

That's one of the questions Mama Kat asked us to write about in her writer's workshop.

Apparently there is a show on MTV about being "made" into the person you would most like to be similar to, complete with your very own life coach. I'm sure I didn't explain it well but you get the gist...

Hmmm...Martha Stewart came to mind immediately for her "good at everything" qualities...but it also came to the mind of my friend Trudy first, so I won't copy:-)

No problem though, becuase who I would really, really want to be made into would be
HRH Rachel Ashwell, the Queen of all things Shabby Chic!

I could go to flea markets all over the world, finding shabby treasures everywhere.

I could drag home my used and abused furniture.

Decorate with all of the white, pink, lace, ruffles and chippy painted furniture that I want.

My gifts would be something sweet, vintage and personal...
instead of from the mall.

I could lounge outside on sofas like this.

Or inside on one of these.

Come to think of it, Taylor's room looks something like this.
Maybe I'm on the right track after all.

Isn't this pretty...

By the way, this is from her new line...
And I think I HAVE to have it!
I know my sister Kathy will see this sooner or later.
YOU could do this:-)

And if my husband got tired of having all my "junque" around,
I could open a little store like this...

Did I mention I could have a bit of pink in the house:-)

So there you have it...
I would be "made" into Rachel Ashwell.
But only if I had to choose someone.
Because you see, I'm not unhappy with me...
just very much a fan of the Shabby Chic Queen!

In case you didn't know, Rachel has a blog.
I found most of the pretty pics there.
If you love this style
take a peek for yourself!

And in case you think I shouldn't have chosen Rachel, let me tell you that I seriously considered being my dog.

No, not Freddy with the "Frohawk".

Cute as he is, he does have a few issues.
Nothing bad...just can get a bit worked up at times.

I was actually thinking I could be Maui.
He's just a big, dumb, sweet, lovable dog.
Happy to play, run, sleep and eat...
and loves to cuddle.

Okay, so maybe I wouldn't want to bury my nose in the sand
every time we go to the beach.

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Cute post. This totally has me thinking about who I would be "made" into...

  2. Fun!! Love the pics. Very enjoyable.

    Visiting from MamaKat's...

  3. Love the pics of Freddy and Maui! This is totally crazy because this morning when I was thinking about who or what I wanted to be 'made' into...the first thing that popped into my head was an antiques dealer, able to go out and 'shop' for my own merchanidise!

    I have always had a vision to refurbish old furniture and I would love to do ALL of the things you mentioned here. I could also easily have all of this stuff in my own home!

    Great post Suzanne!

  4. well honey girl she ain't got a thing over you! And you have the most adorable mutts in bloggyville. Sooooooooooo I say if SHE could be made over she might want to be made into a Suzanne!

  5. Being a dog would be nice, wouldn't it? Not my dog. He's a neurotic mess. But my parent's golden retriever? The one with the permanent grin and the world's biggest heart? Yeah, he's got it made.

  6. I just want to jump through my computer screen and cuddle that dog! I'm going to check out Rachels link...

  7. Oh you could so be Rachel, and have a great shop too!! Perfect!
    As far as dogs go, yours are so cute!! Poor Freddy, we all have issues. I always said if anything ever happened to my husband, in a perfect world, I would want to marry my dog! Perfect partner. No arguing, total loyalty, undying love and attention!
    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Great Blog! Yup, I would go for "rachelmarthadog" myself!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies

  9. I love Rachel Ashwell and everything she creates! I also love those precious little doggies of yours!
    P.S. I have shopped waaaaay too much here in Mount Dora!

  10. rachel ashwell does make old and shabby things into fabulous new items. good choice!

    visiting from mama kat's :)

  11. OO - I wanna be made into her too!


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