Friday, March 12, 2010

Pink + Easter = Pretty

Well, the title pretty much says it all...
Today is about pink for Pink Saturday...of course.
And Easter decorations which always!
Put them together and you have some pretty little things!

Let's see...where to start.
How about with my sweet feather tree...
which starts as a Christmas tree,
gets decked out in hearts for a Valentine's tree
and is now my pretty little Easter tree.
I might just keep it around all summer
with some glittery seashells hanging on it:-)

As you see, shells are already a part of the tree.

How sweet are these little chicks in their nest?

We moved across the state a few years back...
some of us more willing than the rest (I didn't want to move:-)
Our last week there, my daughters found this nest lying by the side of the driveway.
I took it as a sign that maybe it was time we leave this nest and build a new one.
It's all how you look at it, right?

Country Living is awesome!
They can make Easter eggs into works of art.
See for yourself...

Okay...I did promise more tutu prettiness and you know it:-)
My girls must be so happy I wasn't into making tutus when they were little.
No doubt they would have been all over town in tutus.
I get happy just thinking about it!!!:-)

Not Easter but still pretty in pink...
My flea market heart box filled with my vintage jewelry.
Love, Love, Love it!!!

Finally...the perfect shade of pink.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Beverly from How Sweet the Sound was our gracious host again this week.

She asks us to introduce a blog we recently found so I would like to introduce my new friend
Teresa from Blossoming on Bainbridge.
Teresa is a precious lady and you will be crazy about her too
once you stop by her blog.
Be sure to introduce yourself to Doogan.
He is one adorably handsome little doggy:-)


  1. Happy Pink Saturday Suzanne Sweetie...
    Oh I love this post. So beautiful. I love the bunny tutu. That is just to stinkin cute. I adore it.

    Your tree is beautiful as an Easter tree, and the chicks look so sweet nestled at the base. Safe and warm. I love the eggs with the lace looking covers. Aren't they an element of surprise? I adore them.

    The flower is the prettiest punch of all. Love the flower, and the heart box with your lovely treasures is sure to please. Oh thank you for sharing my sweet friend.

    Have a beautiful Pink Saturday. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Your Easter tree is so cute! I always enjoy visiting your blog! Marcia

  3. Such sweet pinks, and all ready for an early Easter!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes Match this purse?"

  4. OH ME!
    How exciting to read about MYSELF there at the end of your post!
    I thought for sure I was seeing things sitting here sipping my coffee with whipped cream! ;o)
    What a sweet SURPRISE! xxoxx
    You are toooooo sweet Suzanne!
    Blowing kisses down your way in Florida all the way from Bainbridge!
    Doogan's wagging too!
    And...wants to know how Maui is!
    Oh what a sweet little PINK
    fru-fru tree! I just adore those little pink chic-a-dees! My mom used to put those in our Easter baskets!!! Oh what sweet memories...they had the cutest little dainty legs!
    Oh..and the tu-tu!
    Well I am just quite simply amazed!
    Your tutus are just toooooooo adorable!
    I wish my niece wasn't in 5th she too old for a tutu? :o)
    Delighted we are friends Suzanne!
    Love popping over here!
    What fun you must have with your girls! xxooxx

  5. Those eggs are amazing! You know I just bought that flower punch at Christmas to make a Christmas flower I shall have to put it to work on my Eggs! Thanks for the idea and all the eye candy! Happy Pink Sat!

    Molly xo

  6. So so pretty! I love the Easter Tree and I would keep it up all year too! I love the tutu as well! Heck I love it all!! Hope you are having a great PS and a wonderful weekend! Sherri : )

  7. Oh Suzanne, what a wonderful post.

    A reminder that you send your Bunny Package to Tracy from Cool's Cabin at

    Please contact her for her address if you do not already have it. Thanks, Mollye

  8. Love your Easter Tree, so pretty in white and pink. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Beautiful post!!! Love the tree, and the chickees and the nest... but you better watch out, my pixies are all over your heart shaped trinket box!!!! Just stoppin by to say happy pink saturday! This one was my second, I am loving it!!
    Sparkly hugs,
    Tobi and the pixies!

  10. Your little Easter tree is darling and I love the precious nest!

  11. I love the tree! We have a small red one that doubles as a Christmas/Valentine's Day tree but I think white would be perfect!

    Love the chicks in the nest too, and the eggs, and the tutu...and pretty much everything, LOL!

    I also have a sterling silver heart box that I keep the vintage jewelry I got from my grandmother in.

    Blessings to you my friend!

  12. oh, i'm so glad i decided to visit on pink saturday! everything is delightful....with my favorite being the pink flower *you're right, it is the exact right color of pink*. i was totally enchanted with the Easter eggs from Country Living. Just beautiful!
    Have a great week, Jan

  13. Oh I love your tree, so pretty. I love Easter too! I hope you had a wonderful PINK Saturday!

  14. Your Easter tree is so cute! I always enjoy visiting your blog!
    work at home in india

  15. Love the tutu - all pink and girly:)

    Those eggs are so neat - I would love to try them, but I would have to get a cricut first I


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