Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ooh la la...A WINNER!!!

Bet you thought I forgot.
No, I just planned to have a relaxing evening writing on my blog...
lots of news to share.
But I forgot how many people have fireworks and firecrackers on a night like this...
and how scared my pups are of all the bangs!
So I have spent a night cuddling my boys (not bad)
and not writing on my blog.
So sorry!'s still July 4th...
and we have a winner of Chani's

...full of French goodies.

Out of 29 entries, the number pulled by random generator was #12.
Going back to my comments, that turns out to be..."Suzanne".
Haha...No, not me!!!
Suzanne from Skybluesea Skybluesea.
Suzanne lives in the UK and is a British Mummy of teens
(while I am an American Mommy of teens:)
She even has one that is a dancer, like me:)
And she is an amazing artist so I can't WAIT to see what she does with these goodies!
I hope you all loved visiting Chani's blog and store.
I even order one of these jars for myself and I know I will
be shopping with her OFTEN!!!
Thank you to EVERYONE who entered.
Usually, I like to write and acknowledge every one who enters and
let you know I got the correct number of submissions for each.
Please forgive me for not doing that this time.
When I said I had a lot going on, I meant it!
I planned to write about it tomorrow but I don't honestly think I will be ready.
Even though like has changed and thrown a bit of a curve ball
at me, I still have to take care of family and business as usual and I want to do this RIGHT!
I'm working on it...and I will be back soon...hopefully by mid-week
Thanks again everyone and hope you had a
Wonderful 4th of July.
(and to my neighbors...please stop with the firecrackers.
My boys are shaking!!!:(



  1. Congratulations to Suzanne! I hope Freddy and Maui have recovered and weren't too traumatized. My kitty can't stand them either and she hunkered down on a kitchen chair. Benjamin slept right through them though, bless his little heart!

    Have a great day my friend!


  2. Congrats to the winner! Thank you again so much for hosting this giveaway, dear Suzanne!
    We have our national holiday soon too, 14th July, but I will be away in Switzy... and on the 1st August (national holiday in Switz) I will already be back in Paris. So no fireworks for me this year...
    But that's ok, I'm not so much in the mood for celebrating anyway. Yesterday was my 30th birthday, what an annoying day :)


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