Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!!

Oh man, I can't believe I bowed out of Pink Saturday
for this week because I thought I wouldn't get a chance...
and here we were asked to post something for the 4th of July,
using reds, whites and blues.
Well, you KNOW I love Pink...
but I do have my fair share of reds and even blues.
And whites...HELLOOOOO! Of Course:-)
I decided I'm taking a few pics and sharing a few favorite quotes anyway.
Why not, huh?
So grab a slice of All-American Birthday cake...

and get ready for the world's greatest birthday celebration...
here goes!

Like I said, I do have a few red things in my home.
These are some of my favorites...

Even though I LOVE Pink Shabby Chic roses,
I still have a love for red roses...
and these are perfect for July 4th!
Along with some festive flag plates, star napkins...and a starfish, of course.
But my FAVORITE red item here is the framed note that reads
"Keep Calm and Carry On"
which I first learned about from our favorite British lady
HRH Rachel Ashwell:-)
It has it's roots in WWII from Winston Churchill,
who had this saying made into posters and put around England to remind
residents to keep calm and carry on.
Cool, huh?
And when I tell you this has always been a favorite and it now has a totally
new and special meaning to me and my family, I really mean it.
But more on that development Monday, when I tell you in parts about
how life can change in an instant but as always, it is what you make of it...
and I plan on making alot!
So check back to hear all about why I will be doing my best to
"Keep Calm and Carry On"!!!

Next, you all KNOW I fell in love with Kennebunkport Maine.
I've told you often enough, right?
Well, I hope that next July 4th I will be picking some blueberries...

for a blueberry pancake breakfast!!!

And talking of Kennebunkport,
look at these awesome buoys I brought home.
So cute, huh???

When Jordie was in 4th grade, she painted this awesome
painting of Lady Liberty,

based off of a Peter Maxx painting.
Peter is very famous and if you know his work, which we love,
you know this is an amazing likeness.
We went to see one of his shows at an art gallery in Naples and he was there,
so he signed the back of her painting.
Nice guy, as well as talented!

I received this "Home" sign from my best friend Deborah
who we left behind when we moved.

The star adds a cute touch but the best part, which I will never paint over,
is what she wrote on the bottom.

It reads " To Phil, Suzanne, Taylor, Jordie & Freddy...
Home is where the heart is and I wish your new home is filled with
lots and lots of love.
Always remember...home will also be with all of us who love you!
Love, Deborah"
Now how special is that?
NO WONDER this move was so tough for me!!!

Last but not least, you know this is a tutu home.
Jordie has been working for me this Summer,
making tutus to help me out since Taylor isn't home.
We LOVE this sweet little red tutu!

Too bad we have to send it to a photographer because it looks so darn cute, doesn't it?

And in the words from the song we all love...
"Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. 
For purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain. 
America, America God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining see.


And remember, tomorrow is the last day for the GIVEAWAY
so check it out in my sidebar!:-)


  1. Well my've tickled me pink with all of the red in this post, it's my favorite color!

    The tutu is fabulous, wow! And I do love your buoys for sure!

    A very sweet gift from your friend Deborah, I guess Maui didn't join the family until you got to FL then, huh?

    Oh, and also...I'm totally wishing I wouldn't have made those blueberry muffins last night for dinner, I am totally craving blueberry pancakes now!

    Happy 4th to you and yours my darling.


  2. Love the red tutu! Thank you for sharing the origins of the "keep calm and carry on" quote. I thing it's wonderful and I am so pleased to hear how it came to be. I hope you have a glorious 4th of July and thank you for the cake!


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