Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quitting, Inspiring and a Blog Button...

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there's a mouthful!

Let's start with quitting...
I can be a quitter
but in the nicest possible way.
I have so many ideas flying through my head...
and so many plans...
that I often start them and don't finish.
And nobody is harder on me over this...

But this time, I thought of quitting my blog.
I don't know what happened between the time I had
big plans for this one
AND a new one 
(must have been on a "steroid high":)
But I find that I'm struggling to find time,
time to blog,
time to create...
time to be lazy!
(Wait...I'm finding time for that last one.  hahaha)

So many people have been encouraging to me.
I know I've mentioned Paige of Simple Thoughts before...
but did I ever tell you that Paige's blog was the first blog I ever read?
I was so inspired by her that I started my own blog.
To this day, I read her blog and feel as if I know her.
I would love to live near Paige.
I would love my girls to know her girls!
Do you have a blog that inspired you?
Paige has written me such beautiful messages since
learning of my journey with MS.
So kind...Thank you Paige!

Then there is Karen, from
Some Days are Diamonds
(also know as the lady who started
the Bloggerette Sisters Sorority:)
The day I sat down to tell you that I was quitting,
I received an email from Karen.
Karen, as always, was encouraging...
and kind.
She had no idea I was thinking this way...
She told me to have faith,
be positive,
remember the prayers,
rearrange a few things...
in my path and in my life...
keep a sense of humor
and keep journaling.
Thank you Karen!

Next, blog buttons...
I asked Cat from

PaisleyCat Blog Design
to make me a blog button.
See it in the sidebar and at the top of this post??
Go ahead, take it if you like.
Just click on it.
She made it really easy to do:-)
And I am going to go around collecting buttons from all of you
in the coming days.
It's the least I can do, since I have been so lazy about a 
(Wait till you see the divider she is working on for me!)
And here is the blog button from my "other" blog...
the one I plan to have fun with...
IF I ever get my act together.

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(Although I have to confess...the other day my 13 year old
DID say "You ARE a cool Mom" after I did something...
cool apparently;-)

have you ever heard of iMom?
If not, check it out ASAP!
I subscribe and I love the daily emails.
They are always useful and thought provoking...
for moms with kids of all ages.
They are inspiring...
just look at today's "espresso minute"message...
16 Ways to Inspire your Children...
They have a link for a bunch of these cut-out cards
to post around the house or put in your child's lunch.

Here are a few but I suggest you visit iMom to meet
some very inspiring moms...
and get some fabulous parenting tips
and get the rest of the inspiring cards!

Whew...told you it was a mouthful!
Have a beautiful day and be inspired...
better yet, inspire someone else.
You never know how much they need it!:)
Trust me on this one, my friends!


  1. I nabbed that button for my blog roll page! How could I not?!! :)

  2. there truley isn't enough time in the day to do everything our imagination has thought are so many inspiring people out there, you have now become one, just take your time and enjoy everyday!!!

  3. you sweet friend!!
    please continue to journal. how i wish i had journaled years ago while i was going through a very difficult time. i just couldn't....i think i was afraid to, afraid to have my thoughts in pen and ink. ( no one had blogs back then but maybe if they had i would have been better...i could have seen how the lord worked in my heart)
    anyway, just come here when you can. we want to come along side & encourage you. if you were my neighbor i'd march right over with a diet coke & squeeze your neck!!
    much love sweet girl

  4. Suzanne, never have I just instantly "clicked" with someone as fast as I clicked with you. Something in you just spoke to me. I wish you were closer so I could give you a BIG {{hug}}.

    As for whether or not you continue blogging - how about you not WORRY about it. Post when you post. Do whatever you want. Blogging is not about deadlines and commitments. It's about doing what you want, when you want it, and knowing the rest of us will be here to cheer you on - no matter when or what. Criminey - look at my last post, about my silly feet! Do you know how many wonderful women offered hugs, laughs, solutions, encouragement and just made me smile because of MY SILLY FEET!!!!!!
    It was awesome.
    I don't think any of us have enough hours in the day. Between kids, work, home, hubbies and just life in general, blogging should be FUN and just fit right in. When you have to stop and worry about it - I think you are taking it to seriously. Step back and re-evaluate.
    I just love you to pieces. I can't imagine not reading about you and your wonderful girls and family and your trips and experiences. Yikes, I just found you! I hope you continue. But this is something you need to do for SUZANNE. If it isn't fun . . . need I say more?
    Big hugs, a little sway - although it might be a little wobbly on both of our ends! :} Karen

  5. Oooooh, oh,oh!!
    I am soooo! going to love visiting you. Thak you for your visit now I can visit you. Your girls are beautiful :)
    see ypu soon

  6. I am always so inspired by the sweet loving bog Ladies out there,, how Blessed you are to have such friends,,, glad you are still blogging,, I love to read your blog,,, take care and God Bless


  7. Thank you so much for sharing your story in the previous posts Suzanne. I think it was very courageous of you and I am sure your struggle will inspire many many people.

    I can understand how you feel about thinking of quitting blogging. It can sometimes take too much time and energy from our "real" lives and the people in them and you have much more going on than I do!

    Your new button is beautiful! As are all the treasures you have accumulated in the previous post. I want to shop with you!

    As Karen said, Keep the faith. Even when it's hard.

  8. imum sounds great...wil check it out...i must have missed the post you said you were quitting....sometiomes for sanity we need to quit...i recently gave up a my dt positions as my little man nearly priorities i gad you didn;t tho...hugs

  9. Hi Suzanne! I want you take your own advice and "Keep calm & carry on". Everything I wanted to say was already said for me by Karen, and I couldn't have said it better myself!!
    Wow how true are her words. Don't worry about blogging and quit. Do it when you feel like it. That is what I have been doing. I started out great, blogging all the time. It is true, it feels like a deadline sometimes. It should be fun. We will all still be here for you. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


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