Friday, August 20, 2010

A Cool App...

Okay, so I'm playing with my new toy. (in case you're wondering, my family gave me an iPad for my birthday on Monday;) Anyway, this application was found with my iPad but it isn't exclusive. We've now added it to our phones too, so check it out.

One thing I have been wanting is Photoshop...still do. But this might hold me over until I do. It's called "color splash". No...not the tv show with that cutie David Bromstead;)

Same name though. In a nutshell, it let's you choose one of your photos, turns it into black and white and then with your finger you color in whatever part of the photo you like. Kind of like hand-colored photos, which I am crazy about anyway. Here are a few of ours...

See if you can find the hand colored object in the one above. You will need to enlarge it.'s tiny, by the fence and colored green.

This last one is a photo of our sweater pumpkins that we hand colored and then turned sepia on iPhoto.

Isn't that so pretty and vintage looking? Okay...there you have it. Color Splash is amazing and so much fun to play with. I should know;)


  1. I can't decide about the iPad but I do have an iPhone so I will try that app.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I don't have either, but I love that photo app and what you can do with it!

  3. Wow, that really is neat Suzanne! I had to enlarge it, but it looks like a green leaf?

    I feel horrible for missing your birthday, I hope it was a grand day for you!

    Hope you are feeling well my dear. I need to get your address too, shoot that my way in an e-mail when you have a chance!

    Love ya!

  4. oh, that looks like fun...and Happy Birthday!

  5. LUCKY!! Happy Birthday To You Too!!!! I hope all is well, and have a wonderful weekend! Beautiful pictures!

  6. Oh noooo. LOL! I never buy apps but guess what I just bought?! Oh man this one is just too fun!! Thanks for sharing :)


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