Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink Saturday Pretties...

Sometimes I think the prettiest way
to store jewelry...
is in the most unexpected ways.

during one of my antique store junkets,
I found a lovely silver two tiered tray...for a dollar.
It would be perfect for serving sweet little desserts...
or for holding some pretty pink jewels!

And it goes without saying that we love tutu's
and ballerinas...

and these are perfect little bracelet and necklace holders.

How many times do you come across pink 
or just plain pretty trinket boxes?

It's so easy to pass them by
but my girls love them...

and they are perfect for rings,
earrings or other treasures...
like the "fortunes" Taylor keeps in one of hers:)

And in keeping with pink Saturday,
here is my new travel coffee cup...

Nice way to start a day, huh?

Wishing you all a beautiful heart full of love...

and hugs to all of you who understand that on many days,
it is all I can do to type a blog post.  
I don't know why but I do feel weak and typing is a chore.
I try to keep up with my blog because it makes me happy
but it isn't always possible.
So if I haven't written or commented,
I have still been around.
Sometimes my energy is low and sometimes my hands just
don't want to cooperate.
But please know, I am here...
reading your fabulous blogs
and your precious notes and comments to me!

Happy Pink Saturday to all and
to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound...
THANK YOU for hosting this special day for all of us


  1. That silver tray is beautiful. The jewelery looks stunning on it! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  2. hi friend!
    tried to post last night but was having computer issues...ok so far :)
    love your new scores

    please make sure to take care of yourself & rest when your body needs rest

    you are prayed for
    blessings to you

  3. gosh, I love all of these showings today. so so pretty and PINK! :)

    have a most beautiful Pink Saturday!

  4. great coffee cup, and perfect in pink!
    I think of you everyday, always praying for you. xoxox

  5. So good to see your Pink Saturday Post. Lovely pinks. So sorry to hear about your hand difficulty. My thoughts are with you.

  6. I am visiting your blog for the first time. I think it is so sweet and I love all your ways of displaying your jewelry collections.
    Your daughters are beautiful.

    Happy Pink Sturday and I hope you feel better.


  7. I love anything trinkety and my daughters do as well.....

  8. Love love love the silver tray. You've inspired me to look for a silver tray of my own. I love to sew and feel that some of my sewing notions are crying out to be displayed on their own silver tray.
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  9. I love the pink mug-make every day happy. The silver tray is sure dressed up by the jewerly. Happy PS!

  10. Beautiful PS post! You had me at the silver tray! Love it all.

    Big TX hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  11. Hello my Friend!
    I wish you felt better! But we will all be here for you, and visit you - no matter if you visit us or not!
    Big {{hugs!}} Karen :)


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