Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink Saturday...When Life Hands You Lemons...

Make Lemonade!
I mean, make PINK Lemonade...

 because it's PINK Saturday.

Not just any Pink Saturday...
a "miracle" pink Saturday...
in honor of the "Miracle Makeover" for Colette,
a lovely lady fighting cancer.
Please go to Kelee's blog...The Katillac Shack to learn more.
Also, please visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound
to find other lovelies celebrating a miracle pink Saturday.

Okay, so today's "assignment" was to post about
someone or something inspiring in our own lives.
Well, I've got that one covered.
I wrote about my summer adventure in yesterday's post
so if you're curious,
check it out by scrolling down.

On my 2nd day of IV treatment for MS, 
the unit was full so I had to take a seat in the chemo room.
One lovely lady who was also a patient started talking to me,
telling me of her long battle with cancer.
asking what I was doing there...
and encouraging me every single minute of our visit.
She was and still is a walking miracle!

Even her daughter came to my side,
giving me magazines, asking after me...
and telling me she would be praying for me...
a person she had just met.
What a beautiful family!
This lovely lady was my angel for those 5 days...
she kept me smiling instead of crying...
because she smiled instead of cried.
What a blessing she was in a very dark time!

Because of her, when I went for treatment,
I began to request a chair in the chemo room.  
These were very  brave people who had hope...

 and gave me hope.
From the man who couldn't speak due to cancer
to the one who couldn't walk...
and then there was my new friend...
they all had hope!

I knew then that I had to keep on with my life,
have faith and have HOPE.
Never lose hope!

 I was amazed at the people who reached out to me...
to encourage me, pray for me, tell me of their stories...
people I knew and those I had never met.
  Friends and family from far away...
friends I only knew through their blog...
and knew me the same way.
Blog friends...
SPECIAL friends!

I saved the messages I got and put them in a scrapbook.

Not a fancy one...just a way to remember how encouraging people
were to me...
Lots of people...
no, not just people...

How kind and caring many people in this big world really are.
Messages came from as far away as 
Australia, the Netherlands and Paris, France.

I am truly BLESSED!!!
In many ways.
On those days I don't feel so blessed, 
I only have to look at my Book of Hope...
because that's what all of you give me and others when
you take the time to encourage someone else,
to lift them up...
to tell them you care...

 that you will be there...
and that you will pray.

My sister, who loves to quilt and belongs to a quilt board,
told her friends about my situation...
and I even have pages of messages from these special ladies, too.

So on a day when we are sharing inspiration and miracles...
thank you for what you did for Colette...
and thank you for what you did...
and still do...
for me!

I received special messages from so many...
I want to share just one...but remember...
there were many.
And they were all so moving and sincere.
This one was sent to me shortly after my diagnosis
by one of my sisters.

Today you got a diagnosis in the Dr's office that changed your life, you will always remember where you were at 8 am on July 2nd!

And have a loving husband who is a good provider and father to your two girls

and have two beautiful, kind, caring daughters who will always be there for you and bring you joy in the years to come

and yet you have two wonderful dogs that are your comfort and love you so unconditionally, a beautiful house to live in, parents who still love their "baby", good friends who will make you laugh and for a time forget what today brought, new friends who will sympathize like  no one else can as they too have been in your same situation....

And yet you have an older sister who loves you so much and still remembers the little girl she used to babysit and share a room with.....we always say we will be there for each other and now we start...... someday you will not remember this day unt
il it is almost over....and then you will tell yourself it was just another day.....

Like I said...I am blessed!


  1. Oh my goodness,Suzanne,that brought tears to my eyes!

    You are such a strong, beautiful woman!

    More prayers for you and your new friends!

  2. Oh yes honey you are certainly blessed because you have so many people praying for you and loveing you. I too know this feeling so very much for without all of you blogger friends and sisters who helped bring me and my family out of the darkest days of our lives when my son Jake was killed I don't know how I would have had the peace and serenity I have as God surely placed you in my life and he is doing now for you. Love you Mollye

  3. Oh Suzanne Sweetie...
    I am so thrilled to see you on Miracle Weekend. What a beautiful picture of you. Your smile is PRICELESS. You have been through so much and still find the strength and courage to move forward and keep fighting the fight. I am storming the heavens for you with prayer. GOD is listening.

    Baby steps sweet friend. Just baby steps, and one day at time, one miracle at a time. We will take even the smallest of miracles.

    You have so touched my life. Thank you for being a very special friend to me. You will never know what your comments did for me when I was ill in April. I am still struggling, but learning to take babysteps and each day that I can get out of bed, and feel the sun shine on my face, it is a good day.

    Many hugs sweet friend and so much love, Sherry

  4. That was the most touching post I have read tonight....Blessings and have a great weekend..

  5. Suzanne, God ALWAYS puts us in places to receieve HIS best. He put you in that room with other cancer patients who could minister to you and you to them. What a wonderful Savior we have. I will put you on my prayer list----have a wonderful Miracle Weekend.

  6. Hi Suzanne:

    Thank-you for sharing this touching tribute to all those angels God brings to us to "carry us through hardship." Bless them and bless you. I will pray for you and know that miracles do live and they happen evryday--as you said...your husband and your children and these angels....

    Thank-you for this beautiful Pink Miracle Saturday!

    love you!


  7. you are truly blessed and truly loved!!!

  8. What a beautiful post! Such support and love surrounds you.

  9. Hello Suzanne. My thoughts and prayers.
    I know you are strong and blessed.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

    " ♥ Regina "

  10. Hi Suzanne
    The hope never ends, you are truly blessed!

  11. Oh my word - *tears* thank you for the inspiration that you are and for making lemonade! You are beautiful!!! (((hugs)))

  12. Yes, you are blessed. Your family is also blessed by having you in their lives. :)

  13. Suzanne, you are blessed, truly. I know that sweet book will carry you over on good and bad days..hang in there and may I add my prayers for you, also..


  14. Wow, such a sweet thoughtful sister! A wonderful post Suzanne. It is so fabulous to be able to reflect on all of our many blessings.

    The shirt is perfect for you and I am just guessing it was a wonderful conversation piece as well.

    God bless you my friend!


  15. Yes you are my Friend. I love what she told you. Perfect.
    BTW - you look too stinkin' cute in your lemonade shirt.
    Boy - many a week sitting in the chemo room with my Mom. You began to know each of the people there - I mean 5 days together . . . and then you'd meet up again the following month. Seasons came and went. I learned peoples little quirks, like the time a guest came in with a cup of coffee and I immediately rushed over and asked him to take it out of the room - the smell made several people very ill. I did what little I could. But I made friends. And spent a lot of time with my Mom.
    You are an amazing woman.
    Big big hugs!
    Check your Email.
    :) Karen

  16. Happy Pink Saturday, Suzanne. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special, and for taking part in this day of celebration and thanks.

    There truly are miracles going on all around us every day. We just have to open our hearts in acceptance.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers. My sister-in-law has MS.

    I'm still hoping to reach my goal of 200 comments by midnight tonight.

  17. Wow! Prayer is such a powerful thing!!! I'm so happy to hear that so many are remembering you in their prayers. Since I read your posts last week about your diagnosis, I have been praying for you...someone I've never met. I will continue to pray for you and send you hugs tonight!

  18. Hi
    I have just read your blog and was so touched. I wish you much love and laughter. I will remember you in my prayers and also your special friend. Hope all is well in your world.


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