Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping Busy With My Shabby Chicks...

When you come in our house,
especially if my husband is on a business trip...
there is no mistaking the fact that we make tutus.
As you can see, the dining room becomes the tutu room:)

And lately we have been making quite a few tutus.
Shabby Chick Jordan made a bunch of tutus this summer,
especially for a photographer who wanted some to use in her studio as props.
Here are a few photos from the photo shoot...
yes, these are Shabby Tiara Tutus!
Pretty cool, huh?

And then Shabby Chick Taylor came home from Maine...
and started organising the business.
She also worked on a bunch of NEW tutus.
Check these out...
Cute...a Candy Corn Tutu...

(Her creation!)
And finally, here are a few models whose mommy bought our
Hawaiian tutus...
We've now been a part of many 1st birthday celebrations:)

So that's pretty much been keeping us busy.
We're currently working with a lovely lady from Australia.
Even though I sometimes get tired and think enough with the tutus,
the girls are working and we do have fun creating together.
And no doubt about it, they are learning a bit about working for their money,
taking and fulfilling orders, 
and dealing with customers from all over the world.
I bet not a lot of moms get to share this with their teenage girls,
So for now, we're still covered in tulle:)
Now for the shameless plug,
you can buy their tutus at The Shabby Tiara.
(Sorry...couldn't resist!)

How about you? 
Any fun creations in your life these days?
I have lots of things I want to make...
So many ideas, so little time:)

And now I'm beginning to think about Christmas.
Okay...no groans.
As I write this, there are 123 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes until
I make it my business to know these things!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Suzanne, This post is just tuutuu cute!!
    ♥, Susan

  2. Oh Suzanne!
    The tu~tus just make me BEAM with HAPPY!
    So adorable!
    HOw fun for you and your girls to create these together!
    Can't think of a cuter business to be in!
    The TU~TU business!
    Sorry I haven't popped over lately!
    Where oh where has my scattered mind been!
    I don't have a clue!
    Have you ever tried yoga?
    I've been doing HOT yoga and it has rocked my world!
    Love it!
    SNuggles to your fur~babies!

  3. So cute! Love the candy corn tutu!

  4. It's so fun that they're everywhere! I'll bet you sell a ton for Christmas!

  5. I love love these tutus! What little girl wouldn't want to be twirling around in one of these? What BIG girl wouldn't want one! With a pair of cowboy boots.
    I say get a jump-start on Christmas if you can, don;t let it get the best of you!


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