Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Love Letter...

Dear Child of Mine,
I see you sitting there...tired, stressed, worn out and empty.
Another year has used you up.
You sometimes feel happy...and you sometimes feel helpless,
like a baby.
That's okay.
I know all about being a baby.
I was born one for you many years ago. 
 I know the ache you feel to be held and loved,
and that is why I came.
I knew you would be sitting there in the future, 
praying and asking me to hold you...
and I am, dear one.  
I am holding you.
Let me give you a special Christmas gift of love
as I breathe new life into the center of your soul.

Do you know that I think of you every moment of every day?
I watch you as you go through your day.
I watch you with the children I gave you and i know how badly
you feel when you get frustrated and lose your temper.
I forgive you, my child, just as you forgive your children when they make 
a mistake.
I'm so proud of you and how you followed me when I asked.
Your sacrifices say that you love me.
I know all about sacrifices.
I left everything that was mine when I came from heaven.
I know how you feel when the Father asks so much of you.

Look at me, my child.  You may feel beat up, but do you know that
you are still beautiful? 
I see that smile.  
Yes, you're still as beautiful as the day I created you.
I love who you are and I'm whispering your name.
Can you hear me?
Remember, my child, this is not your home.
You really belong here with me in heaven,
but I want you where you are now,
to love the friends and family I gave you.
Don't give up.
Don't despair.
Trust me.
I won't let you down.
Every promise I've made is true, and someday,
I'm coming back for you.
For now, rest in my love.
Tonight...and tomorrow when you wake up, 
I'll be here watching over you.  
I love you.
Merry Christmas..
And thank you for celebrating my birthday:)

(Merry Christmas, my friends!
 i received a letter in my email this morning.
it was a devotional for homeschooling moms.
talk about a WINK from God!
it got me thinking how we ALL need a love letter like this,
especially those struggling right now.
so i re-wrote it...from me to you.)


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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