Wednesday, December 21, 2011

naughty...or nice?

since i KNOW y'all are NICE out there,
i have some nice little treats for you.

and since we ALL know someone on the NAUGHTY list...
some goodies for them too:)
(thanks to pinterest) 

or maybe you have a GRINCH in your life.
if so, check these out...
you just need green m & m's and you're good to go!

okay...enough for the naughty list.
how about some NICE little treats.
the only criteria here:

1.  Christmas tree brownies:
 pretty self explanatory but how CUTE!
we also like to cut out brownies like snowflakes and draw
on them a snowflake design with icing.

2.  North Pole Cupcakes.
 again...just look and copy them.
i mean, what isn't to like about a cupcake,
FLUFFY frosting and a candy cane stick?

personally, i think this next one is GENIUS!!!
3.  Donut Snowmen.
i say it's genius because it's SUPER easy, yummy AND kid friendly!

4. Santa's Hat Brownies.
 again...self explanatory.  These are soooo good!
we also used to make them on a vanilla wafer when my girls were young.
Sometimes i make a tray of the strawberries and whipped cream hats alone
and put them on a tray Christmas morning.
very FESTIVE...and simple.

hope you're all feeling MERRY and BRIGHT!

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  1. Naughty or Nice there are fun and yummy treats for everyone! hugs, Linda


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