Thursday, December 8, 2011

random HOLIDAY treats...

yep...random and holiday in the same sentence..
because i'm pretty sure that's how the Holidays are stacking up around here...
totally RANDOM:)

first up...Christmas TV!
My sis just sent me an amazing link with ALL your favorite
holiday shows and movies listed and what dates they are showing. 
and now that we're on the subject, what are YOUR favorites?
let's see...for stupid humor (the best kind)
i like Elf and National Lampoon Christmas:)

          and for classic we LOVE White Christmas and
Miracle on 34th Street.
so how about you?
any favorites you watch every year?

Naples had it's big Christmas parade the other night.
it's really so cute...
they have every band and firetruck in town with a few floats
thrown in for good measure:)
i think next year i'm going to wrap lights around Maui and ride him through town.
he's about as big as a float:)

my sugarplum fairy rode on the Naples Ballet float
so that was really COOL for us!

(this is last year's sugarplum fairy costume...
she's wearing PINK this year:)

any tips for me?
because i am just not feeling it this year.

 I will probably do much of it online.
guess i better get going!
now i'm not saying this next part because you can order them from
my blog,
but did you know you can order AMAZON.COM gift cards
right here, at the top of my blog?
seriously, i'm ordering a few cards myself today:)
and i saw this idea which i am SOOOOO doing for next year...
take a plain binder and print out some christmas photos, 2012...
and you have a Christmas idea binder for gifts, decorations you want to try,

so...have you been baking?
we haven't...maybe after Nutcracker.
actually, i might just make about 10 batches of my favorite wreath cookies...
 but since i would eat all 10, that might not be a good idea.
i know...cookies made with cornflakes, butter and marshmallows?
hey.  i'm a simple kind of girl:)
but i have to say, if you've never made them...
and if you like rice krispie treats...
you'll LOVE these treats!

last up, let's talk LIGHTS!
i put a few up at my mom's house...
 it looks so cute:) took the WHOLE week to get them to work right!
in the midst of sadness, we managed to crack up over those STUPID lights.
just call me Clark Griswold:)
(but isn't mr. snowman cute?)

i wasn't going to put any up around here...
then last night i had an idea.
as soon as i'm done...and it may take a week...i'll be sure to show you!
are you doing lights?
shopping much?
watching Christmas tv?


  1. You sound MUCH better! YAY!
    My favorite Christmas movies are of course the classics, White Christmas and Scrooge.
    I just LOVE "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and ?? forgot her name (from Titanic.)
    Yes do lights, just a little something Christmas on TV every day... I am almost done with my shopping but!

    Haven't even started my cards...I know - my bad!


  2. it will take a bit for you to get thru this year. mine was last yr. we have a big fam and we all just went thru the motions. not gonna sugarcoat it, but i also dont want to be deb downer either. youll be ok, and it will be hard, but having your family all together,KNOWING hes there with you...and he is.... makes it a bit easier. and as far as the wreaths. those are my favs of all time. my grama made those when i was a kid. and really tho theyre a bit MESSY, they are pretty darn easy and SOOOO good. hang in there...susy oh movie is christmas vacation. love it.


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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