Saturday, December 10, 2011

sneak nutcrackers and opening night at the ballet

happy pink saturday everyone!
it's been awhile since i got my PINK on:)
but i couldn't resist today...
after all, what could be more pink than ballet.
pink tutus, pink-ish pointe shoes,pink tights...even pink Nutcrackers!!!
tonight is opening night...
and it really is SOOOOO exciting! just so happens that my ballerina is dancing the role of
Sugarplum Fairy/Grown up Clara.
AND, AND...she is wearing ALL pink!  
like a sneak preview?
 in case you're wondering, those tutus are even MORE beautiful up close:)
and cost a LOT of $700 and up.
anyway, i thought i'd not only give you a peek at her,
but a peek into her dance bag.
trust's pretty interesting...and yes, she could live out of it, i'm sure:)
COOL dance bag, huh?  
okay...let's look inside...
 what do you see?
 there's the usual stuff...
cellphone, water, bandaids, legwarmers, sweater/shrug,
practice skirt, scissors, notebook, ballet magazine, needle and thread,make-up...
vitamin C lozenges...
take a CLOSER look...
see the flexi-stretcher, to help perfect those arabesques and other things:)
there's hair stuff, shout wipes, a first aid kit, and icy hot cream for those aches and pains...
haha...yes, jet glue.  sometimes it's called pointe shoe glue.
she puts it in the toe/box of the shoe to harden them and get a TINY bit more life out of them.
at anywhere from $70-$90 per pair of shoes,
and they last about a week and a half...
extra life in the shoe helps!

 just a few more peeks...
there is a foot massage ball, a ballet shoe change purse,
tiger balm for aches...and pliers.
what? Pliers?
i've been looking all over and they are in her dance bag????
and a lighter???
what is going on?
well, let me tell you...
each dancer has a a different way of getting their shoes ready.
Taylor's is this...
take the pliers and pull the nail out of the shank of the shoe.
bend the shoe back and forth and push on the sides of the shoe to soften them.
(there may be more but that's my take on it:)
then she sews the elastics and ribbons a certain way...
and uses the lighter to singe the ends of the ribbon.
glad she does her own shoes these days;)

so like I said, today is the day...
and i woke up to find her sitting in bed, making last minute touches to her shoes:)
(i tell you, this girl LIVES in a bun...
that's why ballet dancers are affectionately know as BUNHEADS:)
so there you have it!
pink saturday, ballet, opening night and Nutcracker all rolled in to one:)
and since this is a sneak peek kind of blog post...
take a sneak peek behind the scenes...
have yourself a great day! 



  1. So amazing! I always wanted to be a ballerina, I danced, but never ballet. She is the perfect Sugar Plum Fairy/Clara. I can't wait to see more pictures and I only wish I could see her perform in the Nutcracker!


  2. So interesting and she is so lovely. I bet she makes the perfect sugar plumb fairy - she looks the part. Love your blog!

  3. I go to your website sometimes for little "picture quotes" I found your website researching sea glass actually. I read here and there about your dad and realized he has went to heaven. I just finished a book called heaven is for real. it is a must read and I think you would find great comfort and peace by reading it!

  4. she's a perfectly magical Sugar Plum Fairy. Absolutely love The Nutcracker - the performance and the pink one! I recently decorated a point shoe for the Nutcracker fundraiser. My niece has been in it for the past five years and it's an incredible amount of dedication and work on her part and her parents.
    Gah! Point shoes?!# Money, money, money! xoxo Nancy

  5. Such a beautiful daughter you have. There is so much that goes on behind the scences. Love those tutus.

  6. Amazing Im loving ittttt.Love love Ballet.Good luck to her.What do they say in movies break a leg?I wont say that though lol.

    I love the pink Nutcracker I dont think I have ever seen one here pink.I need to come to Florida and get one ha.

    Blessings Suzanne!

  7. Hi,

    I am visiting you for the first time on Pink Saturday.

    This is very special for you. I went to the Nutcracker 13 years in a I am a big fan. The best to you...

    Please stop by my cottage too.


  8. Hi Suzanne! Oh how I wish I were closer so I could see Taylor dance, just once even!! Hope you all had an amazing opening night. Loved the post.

    God's blessings to all of you and a very Merry Christmas!


  9. I love seeing the inside of her bag! Ballet dancers have always been intriguing to men and oh so romantic. I hope last nights opening went great! I can't wait for more posts! hugs, Linda

  10. That was great to see. I have never been around that. I do have a granddaughter that does dance put they never talk about it. When we see them always so many things to do. She does competive dance in Minneapolis
    I go to her recdial in june It is so nice This is her last year ,she will be going off to college.
    Happy PS

  11. Everything looks so lovely and beautifully presented. What a gorgeous ballerina. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Season's Greetings. Hugs, Gayle

  12. Sue, what a great blog! Funny thing as I just sent you a email about a similar theme for a blog....never having read this until now!

    How proud you must be of Taylor, she is a beautiful girl inside and out:) I love the pictures of her as The Sugarplum Fairy:) love all the pink too!

    love Kathy


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