Tuesday, December 13, 2011

it's all how you look at it...

after the Nutcracker last Saturday,
 (official pictures coming soon but here's one...)
a SWEET lady came up to me, 
a lady i didn't know...
to tell me what a JOY it was to watch Taylor...
and to give me a hug and say she was so sorry about my dad.
she had heard through the grapevine that he went through a lot...
and had prayed for God's strength...
for him and for us, the whole time. 
that she was STILL praying for us meant a lot.

imagine that...
someone i had never really talked with...
remembering a family she had never met in PRAYER.
just talking to this lady, i knew she meant it.
her words were precious and so meaningful.

as if i wasn't teary from watching my daughter perform,
i burst into tears and wished out loud...
"i only wish he were here right now to see his granddaughter."
she took my hands, looked me straight in the eyes and said
"do you not realize...he saw the whole thing. 
he watched his beautiful granddaughter
perform with GRACE and BEAUTY, from his new home in heaven,
with a smile lighting up his beautiful face...
a face that is perfect and a smile that is pain free"

WELL...wouldn't you think i REALLY cried then?
but i didn't.
it's as if i opened my eyes and saw clearly for the first time.

 it took a stranger to look into my eyes, 
to make me listen to every word...
to realize my dad...and my girl's PRECIOUS grandpa,
would always be with us.

 as if her performance wasn't special enough,
i met a stranger,
who reminded me of something
i knew...but sometimes forgot.
my SWEET dad is by God's side...
and is still the proud grandpa he always was.

i saw a quote the other day by the author C. S. Lewis...

now go spread some joy, find some for yourself...
bake cookies, wrap gifts, take a walk and look at the pretty lights...
you know, the simple things.
and remember there really IS something to look forward to:)



  1. She wasn't a stranger but an angel. When my cousin was dying I met a lady in the hallway. Somehow I told her about my cousin and she led us in prayer. Later we saw her in the chapel praying and then in the lunchroom. She had on a lighthouse sweater exactly like my cousins. I swear she was an angel.
    You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter. I can't imagine watching her dance. So exciting.

  2. That is so beautiful Suzanne and so true. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Beautiful as always Sis! A similar thing happened to me the Sunday after Dads funeral, just before church Pastor stopped to say he was sorry and that he knew Dad had suffered quite a bit, I replied ten weeks....then he looked me in the eye and said this ( but kindly) Kathy, remember some people suffer for ten years....

    That so took my breath away for a moment and made me realize that yes Dad went through a lot in ten weeks, however for some they could only wish it was just ten weeks!

    Great blog as always:)

    love Kathy

  4. WOW, God sent your angel to you straight to your heat in more ways than one. Blessings to you as your now recall the joy of his memories rather than the sadness of the loss. I do believe they all become angels and watch over us until we rejoin them. Hugs. Tammy

  5. This is one of the best stories i've heard this Christmas. It is a good reminder to all of us that God sends messages and answers prayers in many ways. Sending you hugs, Linda

  6. your Angel was right, he was watching. After 24 years I still talk to my Dad and ask him to keep an eye on us all down here. He would have loved playing with his great grandchildren, but I think he does it through me. I'm the same "get down on the floor and play" kind of grandparent that he was to my children. Miss him.

  7. another way to look at it. i dont know specifics, but one way to look at it is that if he were here in real life, he may notve been able to see it. he did for sure. i guess this is an odd post. i hope you dont read in to it wrong. thinking of you... susy


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