Wednesday, April 11, 2012

all about "stuff"...

random STUFF...
STUFF to do...
and just plain STUFFY.

hey there,
back home from a WONDERFUL week in Hawaii...
TRUE Hawaii, that is...
but i'll have to fill you in on that when i get time.
i have TONS to tell you and even MORE photos to share...
LUCKY you:)

but today is a quickie post all about STUFF.
let's get started...
first, something really COOL...
don't ya just LOVE this?

now for some STUFF to say...
~i am using my husband's new desktop mac a lot these days,
and i finally figured out (took the time) to
get my google homepage on it, with all the
links to my favorite blogs front and center...
so HOPEFULLY i'll be a better friend!

~as much as i want to share photos and stuff from the trip,
i'm not sure i'll be doing that right away.
on top of jet lag/wanting to sleep at weird times,
it's a CRAZY week!

 STUFF to do:
~wrap silent auction gift baskets and chocolate favors for the 
Naples Ballet
first annual Ballerina Ball on Thursday.
~figure out what in the heck I'm going to wear!
(i have plenty of long gowns but this one doesn't yet require that so
i have to think of something:)
~dinner with my husband's board members on Friday
~re-FOCUS my girls from surfing to school...
no easy task, let me tell you!
~get Taylor ready to go with her Dad to a HEART ball on Saturday.
(i think we just need accessories since she has a dress picked out)
~clean house (YUK)
~unpack and LAUNDRY
~finalize new landscaping plans for next week
~and mostimportantly, get some SLEEP!
(did i say that already?:)

random STUFF...
~have you watched Duck Dynasty?
that show CRACKS me up:)
~Trader Joe's finally opened by me...and now i get it.
i really get why the parking lot is ALWAYS full!
~beach umbrellas FREAK me out.
ever since being hit in the face by a runaway umbrella 
exactly one year ago,
i'm like the umbrella police.
when we go to the beach, i need to see who has an umbrella,
which way the wind is...and if they look like they have a 
CLUE as to how to put it up securely...
before i lay down near them. 
otherwise, i have to watch their stupid umbrella the whole time.
i need umbrella therapy:)
~okay...enough random stuff.
i'm too tired to think much anyway:)

but i have to say a few words about in
STUFFY behavior, STUFFY rules and STUFFY people.
being on the north shore of Oahu,
where surf RULES,
i saw a whole other outlook on life.
like i said, i'll write more...WAY more later:)
but one thing that struck me is we are all so STUFFY these days.
so uptight.
it was soooooo relaxing and laid back.
a simple, "unplugged" life.

kind of a daily reminder of what's important, you know?
that life is GOOD.
even my sometimes slightly STUFFYish husband, (wonderful as he is:)
already misses the simple, happy place we lived for a week.
and let me tell you, that says something.
i mean, we're talking Mr. Five Star Hotel here...
and he already wants to be back there.
the most unexpected thing to come from this trip.
blessings and life lessons aren't always what we think, are they?

now i promise to STOP rambling...
go back to bed for a few...and let you go!

Be Blessed today!


  1. Good Morning Suzanne Sweetie...
    OMG I am so tickled pink that you rambled this morning. I love it when you do. Reading between the lines, I see you had a great time in Hawaii and that you got some much needed rest and relaxation. Sounds like the girls did some surfing, and you definitely stayed away from the beach umbrellas. LOL...Loved that part.

    I can't wait for the photos of the trip. Sounds like you have a hectic week ahead of you. Don't over do sweet friend.

    Welcome back and hugs for a glorious day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Get that rest and your job list done and then blog about beautiful, restful Hawaii! hugs, Linda

  3. What a great RANDOM post! I do think it is the simple things in life sometimes that make us the most happy. have so much STUFF to do on your list...but...I am wondering what you are going to do with all your free time?;>) xo Diana

    ps...that is awful about that umbrella accident. UGH!


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