Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sounds of the Ocean, Scent of Jasmine and Surfer Dudes...

...just a few things I can't hep noticing as I sit on my balcony.

the waves are huge, crashing loudly on the shore. such a peaceful, relaxing sound for something so strong and forceful.
jasmine...such a sweet, floral scent, drifting up to the balcony.

these two simple things...waves on the shore and jasmine are a sure sign that we are in paradise.

when I get home, I have some amazing pictures to of our time spent learning to surf! Oh my much fun! it's very relaxing and refreshing and I can speak from personal experience that sharks don't enter your mind. I DID take the lesson and go out and catch a wave...then I was done. Such a great feeling getting that wave, but paddling out....definitely for the young....and FIT:). My girls loved it......

and can't wait to go again! Surf, surf and more surf!!!

well, we ARE on the north shore of Hawaii....famous for it's surf, so why not, right? the surf instructors are so nice and patient.....and guess what....they really talk like surfers!!!! "Rad, Dude, Swell (instead if wave).....dang! They really are cool surfer dudes!!!

The water is so blue, the waves so big, the surfers so cool, the jasmine so sweet and is good!
God Bless....and Aloha!
-"Worry about nothing...Pray about everything".



  1. Hawaii is so gorgeous! Enjoy your time there and surf on! hugs, Linda

  2. Suzanne- I can just picture it through your eyes. How wonderful. I am happy for you and jealous- I miss the ocean every day of life...having moved from Florida to the Midwest. Blessings- xo Diana


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