Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Be The COOLEST Mom EVER.....FUN FOOD edition

okay, some of you may or may not know i have another blog,

i love that little blog because being a fun, cool, down to earth mom
is hard in this world.
being a christian mom trying to raise her children with
FAITH, values and morals is even tougher sometimes.
it's a subject that means a lot to me.
mine are teens now.....and it STILL means a lot to me.  
maybe even more.
ONE of these days i'm going to get that blog going again.
you can visit it if you like:)
but for NOW, i'll share some COOL MOM ideas
i found recently, right here on this blog.
hope you like them and take the time to try just one.
kids love this stuff:)

 here are some FUN food ideas,
starting with one of my favorites.....
cause i LOVE giraffes:)
now i THINK this is a PBJ with a little extra detail but i could be wrong.
still.....SOOOO cute!

 for a fun way to eat fruit.....
just make a tiny slit in the rind and VOILA.....

or how about some apple cars?

about those pancakes.....
you could be BORING i mean traditional, and make them the usual way.....
or you could start your child's day with RAINBOWS.....



mr. potato head.....

and a good ol pumpkin!

if you're not too worn out.....
maybe you could pack a lunch like this.....

next time you make pasta,
add a bit of food coloring to make this.....

and for dessert, 
how about PAINT BRUSH rice krispie treats?

see.....pretty cool!
now, it wouldn't surprise me if these are so YESTERDAY.....
because I'm always a bit behind:)
but maybe this served as a refresher course.

until next time, when i share a few cool PARTY ideas!
Be Blessed,
p.s.  don't you just love this?

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  1. Suzanne, I have to save this for my grandkids. I get a kick out of fixing things for them that are fun and good for them. Thanks so much...these are darling ideas...if I make them I will do a post and credit back to you. xo Diana


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